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Александр Невский

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Mosfilm Studios
Scenario: Pyotr Pavlenko
Sergei Eisenstein
Directed by: Sergei Eisenstein
Dimitri Vasiliev
Director of photography:
Eduard Tisse
Original score by
Sergei Prokofiev
Lyrics: Vladimir Lugovskoi
Prince Alexander Nevsky, son
of Yaroslav - N. Cherkasov
Vasily Buslai - N. Okhlopkov
Gavrilo Olexich - A. Abrikosov
Master of the Teuton Order -
V. Ershov
The 13th century.
Knights of the Teuton Order
invaded Russia from the West.
Russia's vast and rich lands
beckoned an invader.
The German aggressors expected
an easy victory over our people:
Russia was still recovering
from the Mongol bloodbath.
The countryside was sown with
the debris of bloody battles.
- The Pleshcheevo Lake -
There was a battle
on the Neva River.
A battle on the wide Neva.
There we fought a vast
and vicious enemy.
A cruel adversary,
the Swedish host.
The bloody battle raged on.
We broke their ships
into matchsticks.
We spilled our blood
like water.
All for the sake of our land,
the great Mother Russia...
To your knees!
Who are you?
Who were you looking for?
Why are you hitting him?
What's all that shouting?
You are scaring the fish!
Don't you start fighting!
A guest who enters a house
does not strike its owners.
Who are you?
The Prince of this land,
Is that you they call
Are you the one who
defeated the Swedes?
So what are you doing here?
Couldn't you find anything
better to do?
What's wrong with fishing?
We shall build a fleet and sail
to trade overseas. Right?
Come to us, to
the Golden Horde.
We will make you
a general.
We need warlords.
We have a saying:
"It's better to die than
to leave your homeland."
The Russian lands
we shall never surrender.
Whoever rises against Russia,
will be smitten.
Russia had risen on the enemy
at the Novgorod field of glory.
The Mongols are a hard-necked
people, a strong people.
It won't be easy
fighting them.
Is there a will
for the fight?
It is time to avenge the
deaths of our forefathers...
The Mongols can wait a while.
We have a more
dangerous enemy.
An enemy who is closer
and more cruel.
An enemy we could not buy
our souls from with ransom:
The Germans.
After we beat them, we shall
take care of the Mongols.
Let it be the Germans, then.
You know better where to start
but our patience is
at its end, Prince!
The Germans cannot be beaten
without aid from Novgorod.
The campaign against them
must start at Novgorod.
Novgorod is the last stronghold
of the Free Russia.
The fish are escaping!
- The Free City of Novgorod -
Vasily Buslai! Gavrilo Olexich!
Come to your old friend.
I have Indian armor,
Tartar spears.
- Sharp Saracen swords.
- Stop lying.
You must have forged them
yourself overnight.
Every bird subsists
by its own beak.
We are fed up with wars, we
are busy with other matters.
The young bulls are frolicking,
smelling the spring in the air.
We've won glory in battle, now
it's time to think of ourselves.
Have you heard? Vasily
is going to get married.
When the she-goat is in the
yard, the billy peeks in.
I am tired of
spilling blood.
I fight one day, then
brood for two.
I wanted to go to the Volga,
play about with my battle-axe.
- But the brooding won me over.
- Go be a monk, then.
I am thinking about
matters of the heart.
If my wishes are not met,
I may well go to the monastery.
Like a bear, to slaughter
calfs on the altar.
Olga Danilovna, allow me to send
matchmakers to your father.
- No, I'll be the one to do it.
- Let her give us the sign.
She will tell us whom
her heart will choose.
Tell us, Olga Danilovna, which
one of us shall be your groom?
Forgive me, good people, I fail
to understand your meaning.
What do you mean?
Don't pull the bull by its tail!
Tell us who
Александр Невский

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