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ENDM.Gorky Central Film Studio
for Youth and Children
Script Writers
Directed by
Alexander ROW
Director of Photography
Production Designer
Music by N. BUDASHKlN
Sound byA. DlKAN
Jack Frost -Alexander KHVYLYA
Nastenka - N. SEDYKH
lvan - E. lZOTOV
Marfoushka - l. CHURlKOVA
Old Woman -V. ALTAlSKAYA
Baba Yaga - G.MlLLYAR
Grandfather Mushroom - G.BORlSOVA
Bandit Chieftain -A. KUBATSKY
English subtitles by
Once there lived an old man
with his old woman.
They had two daughters:
Nastenka, the old man's girl,
Marfoushka, the old woman's.
Come on, move, old man!
Marfoushka is pested by mosquitoes,
she can't sleep.
-What are you doing?
- Knitting stockings for Marfoushka.
You told me to.
l told you to knit,
not to click your needles!
-You'll wake Marfoushka up.
- Can she hearthrough the wall?
You cannot hear it
after working hard all day.
And she dozed all day,
any stir may wake her up now.
You knit here,
then you will not wake her.
Here the moon is bright,
the place is cool and right.
The stocking should be ready
by the first roosters' crows,
or l will tear your braids
right off!
Sit, Tiapa!
Have pity on me, dear Rooster,
l've got just one row to knit.
You ought to ask Dawn.
Have pity on me, rosy Dawn!
Have mercy, golden Sun!
My knitting must be finished,
or l'll be punished.
Stepmother'll tear my braids off.
Thank you, rosy Dawn!
Rooster, the golden comb,
thank you, dear bird!
l'm done!
Well, is it ready?
You've done it, you witch,
you wicked little viper!
Next time
l'll give you much harder work.
Go feed the chicken,
water the cattle,
split the wood,
sweep the yard.
The same morning, the same day,
but a different place,
and a different village.
- Sonny!
-What is it now?
Take care of yourself.
- Don't forget your mother.
-All right.
Do not hurt the weak
Honor those who are old.
Oh, you dear boy, lvan,
Come to meet me at the gate!
l got a brand-new sarafan,
all of silk and lace it's made!
Vania, Vania, wait a bit,
where have you been to?
Don't pass by, we must meet.
Look into my window!
Please, lvan, don't leave forever,
On the porch we'll sit together.
Of an apple take a bite.
We'll be talking side by side.
Hey, you people, step aside,
Make the road real wide.
Me, a handsome, jolly lad,
Strolling in the village.
Hey-liuli, hey-liuli,
Let the road be smooth and free.
Ain't l great?
l'm just delight.
Nothing's wrong with me,
l'm just right.
Hey-liuli, hey-liuli,
Let the road be smooth and free.
l can walk all over seas,
Moving mountains over.
l will find a girl of my dreams,
Fair and sweet as clover.
Hey-liuli, hey-liuli,
Let the road be smooth and free.
We'll rob'em, we won't rob'em,
we'll eat'em, we won't eat'em.
We'll beat'em, we will be beaten...
Hold it!
We're going to rob you.
- Me?
Go ahead, rob me.
Why don't the clubs fall down?
Just wait.
The'll fall down by next winter.
He's got muscle!
Whether lvan wandered over
for a long time, or not,
that we don't know.
But he found himself
in a far-away, strange land.
Who's playing hide-and-seek?
- l do.
-Who? You?
Are you a sorcerer, granddad?
l dabble a bit at sorcery.
But l get bored.
Let's play who is faster!
With you? You must be kidding.
l'll catch you in no time.
lf you catch me,
l'll give you a bow with arrows.
You can't catch me!
- Can you?
-All right, you win.
Since you admit it,
l'll give you what l promised.
Well, this is a miracle!
Where would we be
without miracles?
So, you are a sorcerer!
- Come back!
-You forgot the important thing.
-What is it?
You forgot to thank an old man,
and bow your head before him.
lf l bow before everybody,
l'll lose my head.
Let a bear bow to you.
Well, let it be
like you wish.
The bear will bow to me,
but it's your

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