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Kurier Film Studios
Production Designer
Ludmila Kusakova
Director of Photography
Gennady Kariuk
Executive Producer
Galina Shadur
Music by Anatoly Kroll
Written by
Alexander Borodyansky, Karen Shakhnazarov
Vladimir Dostal
Produced by Karen Shakhnazarov
When do you start shooting?
Oh, we will. See, we're writing
this script.
- Any part for me?
- Sure.
- We're busy right now, sorry.
- Yes, of course.
- Hold it.
Do you know your ancestors?
- Which ones?
- Say, your grandfather.
My grandfather was the director
of Mariinsky Theater.
- No kidding?
- I have his photos at home.
- Maternal or paternal grandpa?
- Paternal.
And on your mother's side?
My great grandad was a count
and my grandad a baron.
- So your mother is a baroness?
- Yes. You met her.
You filmed her in crowd scenes.
I brought her here, remeber?
Why don't you bring her here.
She'd tell us her life story.
That might help us
with the script.
- Sure. Tomorrow's okay?
- Yes. Fine.
How about making him our hero?
There lives a guy called Ghena
who is filmed in crowd scenes,
he's a regular at the psychiatric ward.
But his great grandfather was a count.
His grandad, the director of the Mariinsky Theater.
- And they descend from Khan Mamutek.
- Who's he?
An 18 years old Mongolian khan.
He lived in the 15th century
and was a scion of Genghis Khan.
He was smart, ambitious and powerful.
His ambitions was to restore
the Great Mongolian Empire.
One evening in fall he went to
the steppe to listen to gophers sing,
caught cold and died
two days after.
I wonder. Why would he want to listen
to the gophers sing?
Oleg! May I xerox the payroll?
It doesn't work.
We are bound to restore
the intellectual space.
And Andronyan's ideas appear
a bit surrealistic to me.
This corresponds will the vector
of the intellectualist movement in Europe,
albeit in the context of
the paradigm of today.
Mr. Vorobyov wants to see you.
- I've got to run.
- He says it's urgent.
Tell him that I'll call him tonight.
The operating mechanism
of the diffuse systems,
the befogged areas of the
person's inferior consciousness
are hurled into a whirlpool
of democratic-market relations...
For there is no other
alternative today.
I took Lucy to Ostozhenka
A wine-shop called Kristall is down there.
I bought a bottle of whisky for 115,000.
- Not half bad. Where?
- Kristall in Ostozhenka.
Two bottles of Teacher's please.
- What is it? - An ultimatum.
- They've done it!
If they reject it, they'll be
bombed in 24 hours.
- Come on in.
- Cash upfront.
I'll pick them in an hour.
- What's your name?
- Lucy.
You wait here.
You come with me.
- This is my present to you.
- I said no whores.
Come on, isn't she cute?
Are we going to do anything?
No, I don't want anything.
What's that?
A cigar.
- Can I have a drink?
- Go ahead.
There is another myth
about this monastery.
In the 17th century a sarcophagus
with the body of Princess
who was buried in 1472 there
was found.
When the monks opened it they
saw the 16-year old Princess
lying there intact,
quite unaffected by decay.
The Lord has worked a miracle.
Place the sarcophagus in the chapel.
Let's go.
Hi, Vera.
Hi, Egor.
- You still work at the plant?
- Don't you see. And how are you doing?
I went into business.
Making good money, aren't you?
Yes, very good.
This month I made 6,500 bucks.
Wanna go out?
I'm going for lunch.
No, thanks. It's my shift now.
Too bad.
Maybe next time.
I'll call you. You have
the same number?
No, don't.
Hey, guys, play up to me,
I'm gonna sing.
Funny guy.
Time to go, Valery.
I had a call from Natasha
in Vladivostok.
She says it's night
over there.
More, it's the night of
the full moon and she feels
blue and lonely sitting all by herself.
She misses her boyfriend
who is in Moscow now.
Hey, Tolik, if you


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