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My father's great-grandfather,
Colonel Steven A. Collier...
fought alongside General Lee
until Cold Harbor.
He was wounded and died
from a gangrenous leg
he refused to have amputated.
His grandson and
my grandfather, Henry Collier,
fought in the Great War...
making the world safe for democracy,
as an ordinary private.
He returned home to operate
a dry cleaning business...
and died of a heart attack
six years before I was born.
My father caught
the end of World War II...
working mainly as an airplane
mechanic in Hawaii.
He went to college,
got a degree in business...
and opened a car dealership
which flourished while America
ruled the world.
The history of my family, like
the history of civilization...
is the history of war.
The getting into it
and out of it and over it.
And Vietnam should've been
no different, but it was.
Its final battle was waged
along an unrecognized front...
far from the shelling
and the napalm...
and the sounds
of planes and guns.
It was a battle my brother
Jeremy fought when he came back.
Find the cost of freedom
Buried in the ground
Mother Earth
will swallow you
Lay your body down
Find the cost of freedom
Buried in the ground
Mother Earth
will swallow you
Lay your body down
What are you lookin'for?
- J uice.
- You know, I was thinkin'
this morning...
they should make
Thanksgiving on a Sunday.
'Cause then, that way it'd be
more religious like the first one.
And everybody could go to a service
together and pray together...
and sing together
and all that.
I'm sure that's what
all those pilgrims did.
- What about the I ndians?
- What Indians?
The I ndians
at the first Thanksgiving.
What do they have to do
with anything?
Well, that's why we have it.
The I ndians saved the pilgrims
from starving to death until
they got the hang of things.
And then after the first
harvest, they got together
and celebrated and had a feast.
I'm sure all the I ndians
that came to the feast, they
were all Christians by then.
- Most of 'em.
- No, they weren't.
Well, they probably didn't
go to the service then.
They probably just came to the
feast afterwards and got drunk.
I'm not talking about them, anyway.
I'm talking about how today...
it'd be nice for modern people
to have Thanksgiving on a Sunday.
I don't see how the I ndians have ever
had anything to be thankful for.
Me neither.
- Daddy?
- Hmm?
- Donald's family...
- Mm-hmm.
Well, Donald, I mean...
Well, his family too...
they asked me if I wanted to have
Thanksgiving at their house.
Well, couldn't you have it here and
then go over there in the evening?
Well, see, they're leaving
in the afternoon...
on Thanksgiving Day
for Waxahachie.
Mornin', sweetie.
Hi, Mom. They have
a lake house.
Ooh, a lake house, huh?
And they asked me.
And I thought you
might ask Mom about it.
Why don't you
ask her yourself?
- I thought you might do it for me.
- I'm not gonna ask her.
- Oh, Daddy, please, please, please!
- No, no, no, no!
Why don't I just buy a gun
and shoot myself in the head?
All right, I won't go.
All right, fine.
Oh, Daddy, please,
please, please!
- I said I am not gonna ask her.
- Gah!
Your boyfriend's here
to take you to school. Better hurry!
You're not funny.
Oh, I know.
Karen's a college student.
She's too mature to laugh
at anything her daddy says.
Shut up. I hate you.
Oh! What a thing to say!
- I do.
- My, my.
What was that all about?
- So, are you ready?
- Yeah, yeah.
You know,
my offer still holds.
- What offer is that?
- Get yourself cleaned up and get a job...
I mean, even a part-time job...
and I'll get you a used car off the lot.
Dad, I'm goin' to school.

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