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Step right up to the platform,
ladies and gentlemen.
You will see the greatest show
on the midway for only 50 cents.
These little ladies are entertaining
you now, but in just a moment...
...Little Egypt will turn on her stuff.
She has danced before
all the crown heads of Europe.
She makes blue blood
turn into red.
Ladies and gentlemen, step right up...
...and buy your tickets for Sandow,
the strongest man in the world.
He juggles pianos.
He plays marbles with cannonballs.
He lifts 10 times his own weight
with one arm.
He can even raise his own salary.
Now, folks, step right this way.
You are looking at the sensation of the fair,
the eighth Wonder of the World.
Ladies and gentlemen,
this way. This way.
This little lady has wiggled herself...
...from the desert
to the shores of Lake Michigan.
And she's about to give you
an exhibition absolutely free.
Ladies and gentlemen, this is not the dance
that Little Egypt does inside...
...but to prove our generosity,
we're going to give a demonstration...
...of that famous dance,
the hootchy-kootch. Egypt, wiggle.
That's sufficient.
Now, ladies and gentlemen--
He's a masterpiece of manhood.
Step up to the box office and buy
your tickets. The show's about to begin.
Ladies and gentlemen, this--
Well, how's business, Ziggy?
And now, ladies and gentlemen,
Sandow concludes this performance...
...by lifting, with Herculean strength,
the largest dumbbell in the world.
An unusual feat,
ladies and gentlemen...
...for inside this huge dumbbell,
there are other dumbbells.
Ladies and gentlemen, look.
There you are. Aren't they beautiful?
Aren't they glorious?
A total weight of 750 pounds.
Isn't it wonderful? Isn't it marvelous?
Let's give him a big hand.
What made you bring me
to a show of this kind?
Well, you wouldn't let me see Little Egypt.
I'll bet a heifer against a mare
the weights ain't on the level.
Seven hundred and fifty pounds, my foot.
-I wonder what her total weight is. Oh, Bill?
-Yes, sir.
-Open the curtains, will you?
-Open up those curtains.
Hey, Bill, you know, it seems to me
that this platform--
Oh, hello, baby.
Want some candy, Jane, huh?
Bill, we ought to have
this platform built higher.
There ought to be more steps.
The people in the back row can hardly see.
But, Mr. Ziegfeld, there's never
anybody in the back rows.
Well, nevertheless, I want this higher.
There ought to be a lot more steps.
Okay, Mr. Ziegfeld.
I'm sorry I lost my temper, Florenz...
...but I am awful disappointed.
I hope you never get
downright disgusted.
What is wrong?
Why don't they come in?
You're the attraction,
and you're asking me?
Maybe you would like
to cancel my contract.
Oh, no, Sandow.
When I make a deal, it's a deal.
I like that. I like you.
Well, I like you too.
If you want to pay me some of my
back salary, I take you to dinner, yeah?
Well, I'm not very hungry.
You're not worrying
about your money, are you?
-You don't think I'd ever walk out on you?
-No, no.
Nobody do that to Sandow.
-Maybe I better take you to dinner.
-That's fine.
Hands up, mister, and give me
all your money.
Well, I can't give you anything
with my hands up, sweetheart.
All right, fresh, 23 skidoo for you.
I'll help myself.
Oh, no. Oh, I see you got
my little surprise.
This morning. Gee, ain't it swell?
-Were you really surprised?
-Well, wouldn't you be?
-If you expected a diamond ring.
Oh, don't be--
Tell you what we'll do.
-We'll go to the Little Vienna Restaurant.
-Oh, I'd like that.
-Telegram, Mr. Billings.
-Oh, thank you.
Just wait a minute. There might
be an answer. Let me see.
-Oh, well, I'll be.
-Bad news?
No, it's from Ziegfeld.
He's across the midway.
He can touch me,
but he has to send wires.
Listen, "ln Little Egypt, you have
the best female attraction of the fair.
In Sandow, I have the greatest
male attraction.
Why not fake a romance?
The people will eat it up.

- 72

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