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Подставная девушка

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My dad?
The boss hasn't come yet.
Call Tokiko.
You were born in July. So, a ruby.
What do you think this means?
If it means that, I'll return it to you.
I can't even joke with you.
Join me for some tea.
Miss, it seems he's a sucker.
Let's use the usual method.
Idiots! He's my boss' son.
I don't want to be fired.
Joji, why don't you train again?
Make a comeback. It'll do you good.
Better give up on me.
Living off a woman,
I'm through as a boxer.
Who's that kid?
He's new. He trains a lot these days.
He's got a good left.
You think this joint's a dance hall?
Who is coming to attack us?
Look behind me.
You guys see to Tokiko.
Only a cannon could knock out my Joji.
Give some water to the three punks.
You guys, shove off.
Can't you speak more decently?
Why must I be decent to you?
I'll knock you down!
I'll knock you out!
Where did you get this?
This is worth plenty.
I took it so I won't get fired.
The boss' dopey son, huh?
What did you do for this?
Don't make me worry.
Worry about me? Do you really?
You touched Misako's cheek
three times tonight.
He says he has a favor to ask you.
Will you let me join you?
Aren't you mistaken?
I'm not a big boss
Excuse me for saying it, but I like you.
You can't kick me out.
You'd better drop the idea.
Did you talk him into this?
What a strange guy!
Senko brought him.
Why not save his honor?
Hiroshi's a full-fledged punk now.
Sis, will you give me some money?
Don't come here for such things.
What about school?
No school in the afternoon.
Sure, you're playing hookey again.
Straighten yourself out.
I raised coffee money, anyway.
Hiroshi's pretty influential now.
Damn you! Make thirty!
He can't make fun of me!
You're too aggressive!
You still awake?
You can go to be first
if I come home late.
Are you mixing with
the wrong crowd recently?
Aren't you up to something bad?
Since when do you smoke?
Have we eaten together lately?
Have we talked together cheerfully?
I'm no longer a kid.
I'm pretty influential as "Lefty Hiroshi."
I don't want you to be like that.
I'm not working so my brother
will be that way.
Just relax. In the future...
I'll make at least 20 Yen per fight.
I'll get 15 Yen even if I lose.
It's not money!
Ever make a woman cry for you?
You having trouble with a woman?
She cried all night. I couldn't sleep.
You bragging about your gal?
Who is she?
Not my gal. She's my sister.
She talks so much I get tired.
Why not try to make a comeback?
I told you I have a gal who loves me.
Someone insists on seeing you.
A woman. I never heard her voice.
I'll go, too.
Maybe someone's using her as bait.
It's Sada.
Or Seiko.
I don't think I'll need your help for this.
Excuse me. Are you Joji?
Was it you who phoned?
I'm Hiroshi's sister.
Hiroshi likes you very much.
I think he'll do as you say.
Whatever he is, he's still my brother.
Please tell him to straighten himself out.
You're wrong. He follows me on his own.
Then, can I at least see him?
What sort of guy is he?
You have a visitor.
It's nothing like that.
You should have told me.
I gave her the slip.
Why not go home with her?
You asked Joji to do this, right?
I'm so worried about you I can't stand it.
Give up and go straight.
You'll never make it in this racket.
Smart kid! Make it forty.
If Joji sees this, he'll knock you down.
Don't threaten me.
It's odd, he's so concerned about me.
He isn't concerned about you.
He's crazy about your sister.
Tokiko's careless about this.
If I minded such things,
I'd fail in this racket.
Is there anything you like?
Classical music records
are too decent for me.
I don't think so.
You're only forcing yourself
to act this way.
It's the same with
everything you do, right?
Do you like classical music?
Look! Even a dog's listening.
Music's among the better things
God created.
You've suddenly got dull.
No use having him listen
Подставная девушка

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