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Доктор Детройт

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##[Dr. Detroit
by Devo playing]
# Don't you stop #
# Don't you wonder why #
# life itself pops in #
# and takes you by surprise #
# Don't you try to run #
# It gets you from behind #
# Like a common cold #
# it takes you for a ride #
# Don't you stop to think #
# Don't you even try #
# Call me doctor #
Five eight-minute miles,
less corrections
for construction zone
plus traffic
and liquids...
Adjusted ETA downtown
is now three minutes
plus 10 coming down.
# Call me doctor #
[all chattering]
# Don't you stop #
# Don't you wonder why #
# life itself pops in #
# and takes you by surprise #
# Don't you try to run #
Hey, hey, look.
He's some kind of nut.
Look at him.
Loves his exercise.
Hey, man. Nice legs.
Fuck you!
# Now is the time
to call me doctor #
# This is a serious case #
# There's not much time,
now call me doctor #
# They love to
watch him operate #
Ow, sweet thing!
How you doing, baby?
Good morning,
baby, how are you?
Good morning,
Miss Blittstein.
Fix your shirt.
You're so sloppy.
(Smooth) Come on, girls.
Let's go to work.
# It comes and goes
so call me doctor #
# They need
a special technique #
# It grows and grows,
now call me doctor #
# Calling Doctor,
Doctor Detroit ##
(Diavolo) Hey, Boss, check out the geek!
Yeah, I want you
to see this guy.
Slow down, Diavolo.
It's the same guy.
He's cute.
He's got nice legs
for a geek.
You're right.
Forget it, we're late.
Let's go, Diavolo.
[Tires screeching]
(Smooth) Well, anchors away, sweetheart.
Don't forget to
take the Dramamine.
Oh, come on, Jasmine, baby.
What can he do
that I can't do?
Never mind.
Good afternoon, ma'am.
Hi, Stretch. Are you getting
taller or did I break a heel?
Not to mention
checks aren't supposed to
bounce, are they?
Here comes young Skridlow.
Good afternoon, Skridlow.
Right on time.
Finish classes. Six miles into
town to the Faculty Club as usual
and now
I'm indulging myself.
Dinner out and a movie.
Look, I paid $50 for this tie
and I think
it looks great, okay?
(Diavolo) I would have
bought the other one.
I didn't hire you to be a
fashion consultant, I hired you to drive.
So, please, just drive. Hmm?
Well, one day I'm gonna have
my own driver
because I'm gonna be an actor.
Look, Diavolo, just cut the
Sidney Poitier impressions, okay?
They'll call me Mr. Diavolo!
[Tires screeching]
Hey, wait a second, man.
What the fuck's
going on here?
Who is it?
It says "Mom's. "
That's one of Mom's cars.
(Diavolo) Hey, man, where the fuck
you get your driver's license?
[Horn honking]
Hey, Smooth!
Yeah, here's
the Yul Brynner clones.
Hey, Smooth Walker!
Yeah, you,
you son of a bitch!
Mom wants to see you!
Silly me, I thought we were in
the middle of a motorcade here.
Aren't you boys on your way
to the Cue-ball Convention?
Yeah, you...
Hey, man.
Watch it, asshole.
Just be cool
and drive, okay?
Keep your eyes
on the road.
Say, I just had this
motherfucker washed and waxed?
Be cool.
Say, Boss, you want me
to lose these assholes?
[Tires screeching]
Come on, get out.
Let's go, Kingfish.
Mom's waiting.
Take it easy on the suit. You
want the Asshole of the Year Award?
You got my vote, okay?
Take it easy, Johnny.
Okay, guys, listen,
I can walk by myself, okay?
What are you guys,
training wheels?
Hi, Mom. Pleasure
to see you, as always.
You owe me $80,000.
Uh, $60,000.
I'm a couple of months behind.
$20,000 extra is
a late-payments penalty.
There are lots of
other penalties, you know?
Look, Mom, I'm doing my best.
I mean, I got overhead...
Shut up!
The only reason you're
walking around with both knees
is '
Доктор Детройт

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