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[NOTE: These subtitles are timed to the Blu-Ray version of this movie, video of 23.976 fps.]
Disney presents
"Long ago
there lived in the Neverending Forest
the witch Baba-Yaga.
And she had a daughter -
a girl who was pretty and kind.
Not at all like her mother.
Only a misfortune befell the girl.
Once she found in the forest
the Alatyr Stone,
a stone of fantastic beauty
and magic untold.
The Stone cast a spell on the girl,
and she became the Stone Princess.
She was destined to remain
locked up in the Stone Tower till the day
when a Great Master brings to life
the Alatyr Stone.
For 300 years the Princess was imprisoned
inside the Stone Tower.
She became angry at the entire world,
her heart turned to stone.
Across the entire world
her Ardar warriors roamed
spreading evil and wreaking havoc.
Meanwhile the Stone Princess
languished inside the Tower
and throughout centuries
searched for the Great Master."
Do the strongest of warriors
serve me?
Certainly, Stone Princess.
Do the stones obey me?
Without a doubt, Stone Princess.
Am I the ruler
of all dark forces?
Then answer me:
how long am I to languish in this tower?
Where's the new Master?
There's a bit of a problem here.
He kind of exists and kind of doesn't.
Enough with riddles!
- Where's the new Master?!
- Please don't get agitated.
If you get agitated -
then I get agitated.
What prophesy, I beg you!
Where is he?!
Well, there is some prophesy-hypocrisy
But who cares about all those old-wives tales!
That's it. I'm tired of this.
Answer me now!
No! No! Wait, Stone Princess!
You are such a hot-tempered woman,
heavens be with you.
Out with it!
Once upon a time,
in a far away land
Out with it!
There is such a Master, Stone Princess.
Only his time has not yet come.
There is?! Show him to me!
I'm extremely sorry,
but your time is up.
Till our next transmission
a film of
Hey, Kuzma! What do you want?
Vanya! Have you been sitting here all night?
Leave me, Kuzma!
Just a little bit left.
Ivan! You've lost your mind!
Run quickly!
Everyone is with Barin (lord of the manor)!
With Barin?!
What time is it?!
You're late!
On this celebratory day
I would also like to note
that the stone-cutters workshop
I oversee has exceeded
Get to the point!
The portrait of our esteemed birthday girl
is made of precious stone
of the highest quality.
And since the previous birthday
of our dear birthday girl
was only yesterday,
we did not expect,
the next one to come so soon.
So this work has been completed
in record time
by myself personally
- Well?!
- Well?!
Where the devil have you been?
And on this celebratory day
I am very happy to give the gift
to our dear birthday girl
- How dare you!
- It wasn't me! Honestly!
- A whipping!
- It wasn't me! Brothers! It wasn't me!
Honestly! Not me! Not me!
It's all Vanya!
Grab him!
Don't touch him! He'll come on his own.
You wish!
You'll come, you'll come
Or I'll do to your little toy
Your father was such a talented man.
Don't! Give it back!
That is all I have left
of my father
Let me go! I'll come myself!
Well, start!
- Save Barin!
- Klavdia!
- Where are you, Klavdia?!
- Klava!
My dad is the Barin!
Hey, freaks! Let her go!
And so the Ardars took Ivan and Klava
to the Neverending Forest to Baba-Yaga herself
as a gift!
You've brought your hoard once again,
Yangul the warrior?
You should know, I don't have any food.
We haven't come empty-handed.
So why are you standing there,
counting crows?
Bring them into the hut!
What have you brought for me?
What's this?
This is just skin and bones!
Well this one's alright!
This one has some fat on her.
My dad is the Barin.
He'll whip you all!
Is he fat too?

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