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Повелители вселенной

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At the center of the universe...
...at the border between
the light and the dark...
...stands Castle Greyskull.
For countless ages
the Sorceress of Greyskull...
...has kept this universe in harmony...
...but the armies of darkness do not rest...
...and the capture of Greyskull
is ever most in their minds.
For to those that control Greyskull
will come the power...
...the power to be supreme...
...the power to be almighty...
...the power to be...
...masters of the universe.
Report, Evil-Lyn. Speak!
We have sealed the gates to the city.
The castle is secure and we are closing in
on the Thenurian as we speak.
- Yes! Yes! And He-Man?
- He continues to lead the resistance.
I assure you,
we will have him before the day is out.
I want him kneeling at my feet.
After all this time...
...Greyskull is ours.
Someone is speaking to me.
My lovely prisoner.
My prisoner at last.
I've won!
I've won.
The darkness is rising to embrace you.
The dark can embrace the light,
but never eclipse it.
You have not won yet, Skeletor.
He-Man is still alive.
- I can feel it!
- Really?
How sensitive you are.
Can you feel...
Evil-Lyn, activate the holosphere.
People of Eternia...
...the war is over.
My forces are victorious.
The Sorceress of Greyskull is my prisoner...
...and her powers
are now joined with mine.
Let this be my first decree:
Those who do not
pledge themselves to me...
...shall be destroyed.
The new age begins.
He-Man! Thank the Sorceress you're alive!
I've been looking for you!
It was terrible.
How many units are left?
Not many.
All of us were scattered.
Suddenly, they were everywhere.
Someone betrayed us.
- Get me out of this!
- It's all right.
Help! Somebody!
- Help!
- All right, we heard you.
- Pull the pole out.
- Careful!
- Thank the Sorceress.
- Here you come.
Who are you?
I am Gwildor of Thenur...
...locksmith and inventor.
Skeletor's forces were hunting me down.
A million blessings upon you
for saving my life.
No blessing is necessary.
Any foe of Skeletor is a friend of ours.
Now, why are you so important
to Skeletor?
Help me.
I'd better show you.
Please, come with me.
I remember the days
we didn't have to lock our doors.
Those days will come back. Oh, yes.
Enter, enter.
Come in. Come in.
Welcome to my home.
Come on.
Now, you ask...
...why Skeletor asks for me:
Because of my invention.
Because of this.
Now I wish I hadn't created it.
Skeletor wants me killed
so I can't make another one.
If he knew I had this prototype...
What is it?
What does it do?
I call it...
...the "Cosmic Key."
It is the most unique key in the universe.
The tones it generates...
...can open a doorway to anywhere.
One simply computes gravitonic tones...
...for a specific destination...
...activates the energizer and--
And that's how Skeletor's troops
got into the city and surprised us.
I'm afraid so.
You little worm.
- Don't you realize what you've done?
- Easy, Teela.
He didn't know.
That's right. How could I know?
We Thenurians are a peaceful race.
Trusting in every way.
A woman came to see me.
Said she heard about my fame
as a locksmith.
She seemed interested in my work.
How could I know
she was from Snake Mountain?
- She was beautiful.
- That would be Evil-Lyn.
She tricked me. She stole the Key!
...can this device of yours
get us into Greyskull?
To the Sorceress?
Those were the first coordinates
I calculated before she came.
- Good!
- We can't, we can't.
If we disturb the gravitonic waves...
...Skeletor's key will locate us.
Sounds like he's already located us.
Warlord, to the point!
No, not that way.
This way, the secret passage.
- Hurry! Hurry!
- Look.
In the corner, there. Let's move.
Gwildor, where does this lead?
To the caverns underneath Greyskull.
Gwildor, hurry.
- Yes,
Повелители вселенной

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