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Mom, I'm home five seconds,
you're already cooking.
Come here, I got something
to show you.
-Well, wait a minute.
Wait a minute.
I haven't finished
cooking your dinner.
Yeah, it's a surprise.
It's all right.
Come on.
Shut your eyes.
Good. Shut 'em.
-Okay, you ready?
-You sure?
All right.
Whoa. Turning.
Oh, it's cold.
It's not cold.
Even the chickens are cold.
Okay, steps.
We have steps.
-Ready? One...
-...and three.
Okay, look.
-No, that's not it.
Shut 'em. Shut 'em.
Come on.
Now, Frank...
h-how far are we gonna go? Ooh.
Come on, come on. Come on...
You're all right.
Sweetie, the dinner's
just gonna...
The dinner's fine.
Almost, almost...
Oh, it's ...
-Is that beautiful?
-Oh, it's ...
-It's lovely.
I know. I won it
in a poker game in Italy.
well, drive it carefully, honey.
I will.
-Enjoy it...
-I will.
but be careful.
God, Ma, you're such a mom.
You ready?
We're going for a ride.
Oh, no, no.
I have to finish dinner.
Ma, Ma, one ride.
Oh. Oh...
Watch this, Ma, no hands.
Oh, Frank, don't do that!
I wouldn't do that.
Come on.
I'm in for five.
Thank you, gentlemen.
My pleasure.
Hey, girl. Get in here.
This is fun, right?
-Ooh, careful.
-Hey, I'm driving here.
I'm home.
Mortar's coming!
Mortar's coming in!
Machine gun, right flank!
Machine gun, right flank!
That's when you saw them, huh?
Well, it works.
My Spike works.
Okay. Okay.
Easy, easy.
-Take it easy.
-Take it easy.
I've got a headache.
Have you got some Wite-Out?
You don't know
what it is you
got yourself into, bud,
but you're a long way from home.
Oh, but it's so confusing.
Where to go,
where to go... yes...
Oh, bother.
What the hell are you?
They're doodles.
Don't get too close, Doc.
I can't believe what I've done.
My Spike was supposed
to send me to your world,
but instead you're here.
This man's not dangerous
to anyone.
As for us, son, we may not
be real to you as yet...
...but we will be.
You've come
to a whole new world.
You've done something
extremely rare.
You see,
you're in a real place
called the Cool World.
Oh. How strange.
Say " ah."
But when it comes to making
the trip in the body...
Did you hear about the wolf
that built the studio?
-No, not...
-...l've never seen it before.
Oh, my goodness.
I'm sorry about your mother.
You're cartoons.
You're not real.
Oh-ho, we're real, all right.
The possibility
of interworld travel
has been an obsession of mine
for many, many years.
Hey, Doc, wait.
This man is not for you.
He's not a police problem.
He's a mystery of science.
And a hero to boot.
I ain't no hero.
Oh, don't be so sure, friend.
With this hole I've opened,
there could be all kinds
of problems. Ha-ha.
They call me Doc Whiskers.
What's your name, son?
I'm Frank Harris.
What did you do
in your world?
I was a soldier.
Oh, you could be useful
here when I'm gone.
Where are you from?
Um, Vegas.
Tomorrow we're out of here.
You're just a drawing, Holli,
but without you,
I'd never have made it.
Oh, you look good tonight, babe.
It's time you came to me, Jack.
Come to me.
Ooh, baby!
-Hey-ya, hey-ya.
-Hey-ya, hey-ya.
I've been waiting for you,
Uh, Sparky,
uh, whatcha up to, huh?
What makes you think
I'd tell a little punk like you?
Why, he's going soft
for that tomato.
Uh... w-w-what's her name?
H-H-Holli or something. Yeah.
Enough out of you, kitty.
You're too young
to be thinking about girls.
Especially that girl.
A bunch of wooden nickels.
Don't spend them all
in one place.
Philip flew the coop
last night.
Hey, Molina! Hey, Molina!
Come over here.
Did you step in it?
Hey, there's
a flower on


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