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Looking for something?
Yes, a grave.
No one's had time to die here yet.
You can see there is no graveyard.
This was a long time ago.
Actually, not such a long time.
Nearly three years.
I buried a friend here.
A friend.
Huge trees stood here.
A cedar and a fir tree.
Remember them?
Probably chopped down
when the settlement was built.
Could it be those?
In the islands, the hunter
Roams all day long
But no luck for him
And he curses himseIf
What's he going to do
How is he to serve
He cannot be cheerful
So what
He'll try to aim better
So the hunter goes
To warmer waters
Where the fish were frolicking
In the beautiful weather
There on the shore
That year...
my assignment was
to go to the Shkotovo area...
in the Ussurii region...
to make a topographic survey.
Sometimes mountains and forests
look cheerful and attractive.
At other times,
they seem sullen and wild.
This isn't just my own feeling.
All the men in the unit
share this feeling.
With God's help,
we will spend the night here.
And tomorrow,
we'll find a more cheerful place.
Very well.
We'll halt here for the night.
Yes, we'll stay here for the night.
That valley reminded me...
of Walpurgis Night...
a place where witches
would gather for their Sabbath.
What's that?
A falling rock.
Is someone coming down?
It's a bear!
Please to not shoot!
Me are people!
Hello, Captain.
Look. A man.
You said it was a bear.
Won't you join us?
I am very hungry.
Nothing to eat today.
Who are you?
A Chinese?
A Korean?
No. Me is Goldi.
A hunter?
Me hunt all the time.
No other job.
Where do you live?
Not have home.
Build a shack and sleep,
and living like in a home.
No luck today?
Today shoot at stag.
Me not hurt him much.
Stag run away.
Me follow after it.
Me see people tracks.
Me go slow.
Me think:
"What kind of people
so far in the hills?"
Me look close.
See Captain, soldiers.
So me come here quick.
Why did you miss the stag
if you're such a good hunter?
You never miss?
We're soldiers.
We're not supposed to miss.
You great hunter, shoot all beasts...
we don't have anything to eat.
Hey, you!
Enough babble!
Well, well.
Here. Now you can babble.
My name is Arseniev.
What's yours?
Dersu Uzala.
How old are you?
I don't know well.
Me live a long, long time.
Do you have a family?
They all die long ago.
Before, I had a wife...
son and girl.
The smallpox finish all people.
Now me left alone.
Look, Dersu.
We are surveying this area--
the ranges, passes and rivers.
Will you be our guide?
Necessary me think.
Stop it.
Well, think it over.
Now, let's go to sleep.
The next day,
without saying a word...
Dersu took his place
at the head of our squad.
There is a road here.
- A road!
- Come here! There's a road!
What's there?
This road two, three days before,
one people come.
Then rain come.
These people Chinese.
Where did you get that?
How you not understand?
Look well!
He wear Chinese boots.
Water in his tracks.
You the same as children.
Eyes not see.
You live in the forest, die soon.
Let's go!
Let's go!
Soon we find shack.
How do you know?
Strip bark.
Make roof.
The rain-soaked ashes...
the bed of grass...
and a discarded piece
of Chinese fabric...
all confirmed Dersu's words.
Obviously, a Chinese spent the night
a couple of days ago.
Did you see that?
Rice, salt, matches, give some.
What do you need it for?
Rice, salt, matches.
Wrap in birch bark, put in shack.
You plan to return?
Why return?
Other people come.
Find dry wood.
Find food. Not die.
Bring matches, rice and salt.
At your command.
This Goldi filled me
with admiration.
He had amazing insight...
acquired during his long life
in the forest.
Besides, he had a beautiful soul.
He provided for the needs
of a person he didn't know...
and probably wouldn't ever see.
Dersu, let's wait
until the rain stops.
Time to get ready.

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