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UFLet me see your driver's license.
From out of town?
What you got in the trunk?
- You don't want to look in there.
Give me the keys!
Kevin, stop singing.
- I wasn't singing.
I'm right next to you,
and you're singing. Cut it out!
Why so tense?
- Dtto! - Mr. Humphries!
You were late again this morning.
Normally, I'd let it go,
but it's been brought to my attention,
you're not stacking cans properly.
Many young men of your age,
in these uncertain times...
Dtto! Are you paying attention?
He's talking to you!
Fuck you!
Good Lord!
Come on, just try it!
Come on! - You gotta love
getting fired in a big way, Dtto!
What are you laughing at?
Louie, throw him out too.
- Come on, you worm!
Get out of here!
How you doing, dude?
When did you get out of the slammer?
Excuse me while
I fold my pants.
What's the difference?
Dtto! - What?
- Get me another beer.
Cool. Dw, dammit. A joke's a joke,
but I'm supposed to be the host!
Debbi, honey, I got your beer.
Just ignore him, Duke,
he's just a big baby.
Turn the light out!
Hey, this is my parents' room!
Don't wanna talk about anything else.
We don't wanna know.
We're just dedicated
to our favorite shows:
"Saturday Night Live",
"Monday Night Football",
"Dallas", "Jeffersons",
Gilligan's Island,
Hey kid! Hey!
Are you hard of hearing? - What?
- You want to make 10 bucks?
Fuck you, queer!
- Wait, you got the wrong idea!
My old lady is real sick.
I got to get her to the hospital, DK?
So what? Take her there.
- I can't leave her car in this area.
I need some helpful soul
to drive it for me.
She's pregnant. Twins!
She could drop at any time.
How much do I get? - 15 bucks.
- Won't do it for less than 20.
Follow me in my old lady's car.
It's right here. - All right.
Where is your old lady? - Never mind,
let's get out of this bad area.
Come on!
Dad, come quick,
a gringo's messing with your car!
Let's go!
Son of a bitch!
Give me my car back!
Bastard, I'll kill you!
You know damn straight what I mean.
It's right outside.
Took me two weeks to get this money.
- That ain't your car.
Don't let him lie to you.
- Shut up!
Do I have to go to your house and
shove your dog's head down the toilet?
Take it easy, sonnyboy.
- Shut up, rent-a-cop!
Best goddamned car on the lot.
- Damn right it is.
What's happening, mama, want a lift?
- No thanks.
With no Cadillac, you sleep in a tent.
- Shut up, Plettschner.
Bud, what street was that car on?
I don't know, some alley. Hey kid,
what street was the Cutlass on?
I don't know.
What happened to your old lady?
Dld lady? Shit!
I forgot all about her.
She'll take the bus. She's a rock.
Come on in.
Got a name, kid?
It's Dtto.
Auto parts?
Here, kid!
"Helping Hand".
Got a driver's license, honey?
Let me see it.
Guess who told us where it was?
Your damned brother!
Are you really 21?
- Isn't that what it says?
Want some help with that beer, kid?
You're all repo men!
- What if we are?
You know, kid, usually when
someone pulls shit like that,
my first reaction
is to punch his fucking lights out.
But you know what?
You're all right!
Right, Lite? - Got any messages
for me, baby? - Here you go.
Cracks me up.
Somebody piss on the floor again?
- Maybe he's looking for a job.
Could be. What do you say, kid?
We're always looking for good men.
Screw that!
I ain't gonna be a repo man. No way!
Too late! You already are.
You find one in every car.
You'll see.
Years ago I saw five cows mutilated.
Legs sticking up in the air.
Their testicles were gone.
I think Canadian bacon
is better myself.
I've never seen the likes of that.
What could've done that to him?
- It happens sometimes.
People just explode.
Natural causes. - What?
Night watchman in Pomona.
Asbestos worker, City of Industry.
French-fry maker, Agoura. How absurd.
- Yeah?

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