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Comissioned by the State Committee
of the USSR for Radio and Television
Creative society for TV movies
Musical based on the comedy "The Servant
of Two Masters" by C. Goldoni
Episode 1
Screenplay V. Vorobiev, A. Goldburt
Stage direction V. Vorobiev
Director of photography D. Meskhiev
Art director I. Kaplan
Composer - A. Kolker
Lyrics - Kim Ryzhov
Sound - Ye. Nesterov
Editor - Yu. Holin, editing - Z. Sheineman
Directors - B. Pavlov-Silvansky, V. Terentyev
Photography - A. Taborov, A. Romanov
Dances - Yu. Myachin
Stage movement - K. Chernozyomov
Costume designer I. Vedernikova
Make-up artists - G. Vdovichenko, T. Pavlova
Designers - V. Slonevsky, I. Mishina
Pop and Symphony orchestra of the
Leningrad committee for TV and Radio,
Conducted by V. Rylov.
Production manager - L. Svetlov
Truffaldino - Konstantin Raikin
SMERALDINA - Natalia Gundareva
BEATRICE - Valentina Kosobutskaya
FLORINDO - Viktor Kostetsky
Pantalone - Lev Petropavlovsky
Clarice - Irina Driatskaya
Silvio - Viktor Krivonos
Dr. Lombardi - Igor Sorkin
Brighella - Alexandr Berezniak
Captain - Yevgeny Tilicheev
Extras: Actors of the Leningrad
Theatre of Musical Comedy
Oh, dear new day,
Send me some bread.
Oh God, help us
Perform better.
Let all the miseries
forget about me!
Let my audience be
Generous today.
What do they mean by galloping
madly around?
Nice prologue to the play.
- What is it?
- Just a minute.
It's such a sunny day
Such a hot sunny day.
Don't you feel lazy
To play with death?
The devil only awaits
Which of us shall get on
This spit like a turkey
Come on, you, big moustache
Steady your spear!
Don't back out, dude,
Not a step back.
We parried this lunge
We are pretty good at it!
Come on! Stab, him, Big Moustache!
I am with you.
But what is it? What is wrong?
What has happened?
Big Moustache is beaten
by his adversary,
But I always support those who win!
You are a brave guy.
I want exactly...
...such a quick Servant.
I like that,
Servants are now precious.
If the money you offer suits me
I'll gladly serve you.
Well, come up,
Come closer, Fatty!
It's not that easy to
Beat me that way.
Why did you stop?
Get down to business.
I'll make you dance
A tarantella.
I have never before seen
Such a stab.
Now try to get me
Taking a running jump.
Have a nice trip to the other world,
The winner stays under the sun!
Oh Venice, the town of lovers,
The jewel of the world
Young hearts here burn hotter
Than a thousand scorching suns!
They are so charming,
so nice to look at.
It is such a nice day today
I myself feel like singing.
Give me your hand, Signora Clarice
It is yours forever.
All the world is indifferent
to me except for you!
It's only you that I love!
- How nice the bride is.
- The bridegroom is no worse.
My heart has almost stopped beating.
I wish I were a bride too.
I love you immensely!
I swear I'll be faithful to you
Please, be witness to the engagement
between my daughter
and Signor Silvio, worthy offspring
of my friend, the good Doctor Lombardi!
Be happy, my children
Soon you'll be wed.
Let love never desert
Your young fabulous hearts!
Yes, it's a match made in Heaven...
If my business associate in Turin
signor Rasponi hadn't died
than this marriage could never be.
I promised my Clarice to his
Late father and
Would have kept my word.
How did he die so suddenly?
Poor Federigo was a smart guy.
I hear he was slain. In the dead
of night. A scandal with his sister.
I know nothing else.
Hurry, Smeraldina. Who is it?
- Please, father.
- Wait.
Let's go all together.
Some one has come to see us.
Gentlemen, there's a servant of some visiting
Signor. He wants to see you personally.
- Tell him to come in here. We'll see
Who he is. - This minute.
- Shall I retire?
- Where to?
- To my room
- No, stay.
I think it won't be wise to
Leave them alone for long as

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