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[Subtitles timed to Blu-Ray version of movie.]
[Film based on real events.]
During the civil war in Afghanistan,
the Taliban captured the second largest
city in the country Kandahar.
Legitimate government troops retreat.
Taliban continues mass
executions of innocent civilians.
Istanbul. Turkey. 1995.
Oh, savages...
Look, here we take
these eight now, yes?
eight... eight... what's the discount?
What discount for eight?
Sorry, no discount.
Blue color. Blue color. Blue.
- OK.
- Blue color...
Nobody does anything.
I haven't seen a single Moroccan who'd...
Go away!
I'm telling you: no one's drinking here.
Come back tomorrow.
Be cheerful!
On the count of "three".  One, two...
Okay, okay. Discount.
OK.... tomorrow!
- One drink?
- I'm flying.
Marik. How much is the cargo weight?
Right here... 40 tons.
Well, you're refueling at Bagram, so I thought
65 tons and 6 tons in reserve.
- You'll push it yourself?
- Why, Vladimir Ivanovich, he's a first class pilot
the pride of Russia's aviation.
You don't know him?
What's the cargo?
Well...it says in the documents.
- Cartridges.
- What?
I told you it's all permitted, really.
It's only accoutrements.
Don't make a complete idiot out of me.
Cartridges are not weapons?
Vladimir Ivanovich, really...
it's true, everything's legal.
It's all legal by Afganistan law.
Where are they shoving it? They're gonna
break all hatchet-doors, crookedhands
- Marik, there's not enough boxes.
- Wha... what's not enough? Hey, hello!
Everything's being done half-ass.
- What's up?
- Hello.
- Where are we flying?
- Into the sky.
Where's Sergey?
Sergey, I think they're coming for us.
Sergey, hide the flask!
Once you're there, call me.
What's not legal? I don't understand.
No one is drinking.
- Why you bothering us?
- No one is drinking.
- We're running for it.
- What happened?
- Kolyan gave one a blow, now they're angry.
We've done swell, what's gonna happen now?
Nothing's gonna happen. We'll call Yurievich,
he'll sort this out. Everything'll be OK.
Sergey, don't panic. You'll make it.
I'll drop you off in shopping district.
Take a T-shirt.
Thanks, Andrey!
- You saved my ass.
- We, Russians, don't let our own people down!
Documents for fuel will be here by evening.
Can we fly in the night?
- Stay here and prepare the documents.
- What do you mean?
- I mean what I'm saying.
- What about in Kabul? What about documents,
food, hotel in Kabul?
Vladimir Ivanovich,
why's the cargo always on Marik
Listen, Marik, stop wasting my time.
You stay here and do all the documents.
Ah... our handsome guy. Had a nice run.
Didn't break a sweat, did you?
Sorry... sorry, Captain
- Why are we not flying?
- Let's go, we're flying, flying.
Hello everyone!
- Why did he agree so quickly today?
- Who?
- That Marik.
- Launch VSU.
- Launched VSU. Generator on board.
- Yes to generator on board.
- For referense, when are we going back?
- What are we carrying?
- Cartridges to Bagram.
What cartridges?
We don't have the right to transport weapons.
- It's not weapons, it's accoutrements. Look for yourself.
- I could care less.
Cartridges, pasta.
Start the engines.
Second, third, fourth, first.
- Hmm, it really is accoutrements.
- First started. All engines started.
- Generator on board. Connect the feed.
- Done, generator on board.
Isn't there a war going on in Afghanistan?
Vladimir Ivanovich, can we refuse?
And what will I bring to my daughter's wedding, ha?
Everything has to be fair.
- Like black and white. Eh, my lad?
- Crew report readiness.
Ready... Ready... Ready.
Always ready.
Ask for take off.
Istanbul towers stand, one five...
Report rediness to drive.
Ready... Ready... Ready...
Follow the route.
Red signal lights are off.
Engines in take-off mode.
Parameters are normal.
- Crew, lift off. Starting 200.
- Speed 160...
- 200...
- Take-off continued...
Flight Moscow  New York.

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