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novelMosfilm Studios
'Vertical' Studio
Supported by the Federal Agency
for Culture and Cinematography
and by the government of Moscow
present a film
based upon
Vladimir Dudintsev's novel
''Man Shall Not Live
By Bread Alone...''
Written by Vladimir VALUTSKY
Directed by
Stanislav GOVORUKHlN
Photography by Yury KLlMENKO
Production Designer -
Costumes by
Sound by Yan POTOTSKY
Edited by Vera KRUGLOVA
Music by Johannes Brahms
Author of Musical Composion
and Conductor - Sergei SKRlPKA
Produced by
Ekaterina MASKlNA
Mikhail ELlSEEV
There we are. Let's go home,
to ravioli.
Stanislav GOVORUKHlN's film
- They are come!
- Thank God.
- Hi.
- Hi, Shura.
Nadezhda Sergeevna!
Welcome! Welcome, Leonid lvanovich.
- Waiting for us, eh?
- Of course.
You've been long in coming.
Gee, a new fur-coat.
- Do you like it?
- Of course!
You owe us
a 'new fur-coat' drink then.
l've a present for you too.
All right.
Lots of snow.
Mother, do you hear me?
We are come.
Of course l hear you,
l'm not deaf.
This is Drozdov speaking.
What is this?
Black heel, an in thing.
And try this on too.
l'll dance and reel,
flash my black heel!
Where is my driver with
his landrover?
- Gone to pick some sour cream.
- Hey:
don't send them on errands
without my permission!
Or l'll tell them not to obey you.
You, commander!
Command over your new wife.
Turning up your tail
on your mother, eh.
What about the dinner?
They're transferring you
to Moscow. Will you take me along?
No one will accept us
without you in Moscow.
How do you do, Leonid lvanovich.
Welcome back.
- So, leaving to Moscow?
- l need to see Ganichev.
There is that inventor,
he came about pipes.
l'm busy!
Tell him l'm sorry.
Let him drop at my place...
...on weekend.
Turn towards the fuel warehouse.
'Spare not Sweat or Life
for your Country!'
Move to the very middle!
- l'm here!
- Come up closer.
- The heating pipe burst.
- What?
l can't hear you!
Come up closer!
Don't let us shout
across the yard.
The pipe burst.
lt burst before my departure.
lt's no big news.
- We'll repair it tomorrow.
- And something else.
Have some firewood brought
to that inventor,
l mean Lopatkin.
A couple of cubic metres.
- Leonid lvanovich...
- Sign it off.
You're a fuel god here.
One should foresee
his chances.
Hi, Dmitry.
You teach school again?
No, l just came here
on business.
Well then, see you.
Well, Syanova, how do we
translate this phrase?
'Soviet Union' - do you know
what it means?
What does the USSR mean
for you and for all of us?
Our homeland.
The Soviet Union is
my homeland.
Good for you.
You get a four mark.
But next time... What is it,
Yesterday you put me a bad mark
for prompting.
Syanova is having prompts from
Vyaltseva and Khanapetova.
- No.
- Silence, girls.
Let Syanova settle our doubts.
lf you had prompts, l'll
put you a bad mark, too.
l had prompts.
Take your place.
l put you a three mark,
for your honesty.
Next time l won't pity you.
- Nadezhda Sergeevna!
- We came about Syanova.
Theirs is a big and
poor family.
She has to do the chores, that's
why she studies poorly.
- We're helping her.
- Good for you.
Only help her rather
than by prompting.
- Where does she live?
- At the end of Akkermanovka.
The guests are all uppers -
it's like a region council meeting.
And that hefty guy!..
They say he came from
Moscow on a plane.
Don't be such a feather brain.
The town has no aerodrome.
A skidded plane landed.
l saw myself from afar.
The guards won't let me step
closer. He must be a big bug.
No grudge for my having
poached your best experts?
You must understand
it was not my whim,
but a governmental task


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