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You are suffering, Sonja...
but vengeance shall be yours.
Vengeance on Queen Gedren...
who wanted you for herself.
Your disgust was clear.
And so it was that Gedren
ordered your family murdered...
your body violated by her soldiers.
But in your quest
for justice and vengeance...
you will need great strength...
for your sword arm must have no equal.
I give you that strength.
Varna, where is the Lord of Hyrkania?
He has not come, Highness.
He should be here
for the destruction of the talisman.
But we cannot delay.
We will proceed without him.
O God of the high Gods...
behold the talisman with which
you created the world and all things.
O God of Gods...
it has become too powerful for us...
and we must destroy it
before it destroys the world.
Forgive us now
as we send it out of the light...
from which it draws its power...
into eternal darkness.
Forgive us.
Come on.
So this can make worlds...
or shatter them by storm and earthquake.
Have it lifted out.
Lift it out!
Touch it.
So it is true. Only women may touch it.
The cover.
Take it out.
Great queen,
what shall we do with the prisoners?
- No!
- No!
The talisman's stolen.
Must destroy the talisman.
We must find my sister. Take me.
I know where she is. Please.
You have nothing more to learn, Sonja.
You are the master of the master.
Never have I seen your equal.
You must learn to like men a little better.
They are not all evil.
We must judge by our own experience,
Grand Master.
I know.
But in life, all is not swordplay.
Hatred of men in a lovely young woman...
it could be your downfall.
I don't hate all men, Grand Master.
That would have been music to my ears
30 years ago.
A great swordsman
must have a great sword.
A gift from the Grand Master.
What is it, Red Sonja?
I'm looking for Red Sonja.
- I am Sonja.
- Your sister's dying.
I'll take you to her.
Thank God.
I've lived long enough.
The talisman's stolen.
All the priests massacred.
- We fought...
- Rest, Varna. Later we can talk.
There's no time. Listen.
The talisman has terrible power...
which grows in the light.
In 13 days it could destroy the world...
by storm and earthquake.
You must destroy the talisman, Sonja.
Send it into darkness. Swear that you will.
I swear.
Who took it?
I don't know.
There was a woman with a gold mask.
Where did they take it? North? South?
She's dead.
And the living have work to do.
Her work, my work, is no concern of yours.
- Who are you, anyway?
- My name is Kalidor.
I befriended your sister, remember?
I'm a friend of yours, too.
I thank you for what you did for my sister.
You will be rewarded.
I'm no mercenary. Nobody pays me.
If I think somebody owes me something,
I take it.
Someone is using the talisman.
- What place is that?
- Hablok. It's a great city.
Where are you going?
Wait. I'll come with you.
Why should you? It's no business of yours.
And neither am I.
You may be wrong on both counts.
I know you're a brave girl,
but danger is my trade.
Then I'll learn it by myself.
Don't make me angry, Kalidor.
I don't need any man's help.
Don't shake it, fool. Hold it steady!
Can you do nothing right?
Still, you great idiot.
I'm trying, Your Highness.
Clumsy oaf. Stupid, dumb,
useless, selfish beast!
Quickly, come. Come to me.
Don't give me orders, slave.
I'll have you hung by the heels.
Anyway, it's too slippery.
Do you want me to fall
in that boiling mud? You numskull.
I'll try to swing it around. Now.
- Hold still, boy.
- Boy?
Steady, Your Majesty. Steady.
Jump off. Jump.
What about me?
Get back here and stop playing the fool.
I hear and obey, master of the world.
I'm coming.
Lucky for you that this person came along.
Reward her, and tell her who I am.
His Royal Highness, the Prince Tarn,


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