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Бродвейская мелодия

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There it is, Herb.
One verse and two choruses.
- Is this a good song, Eddie?
- It's a good song, Herb.
- It's as good as the doll-dance number.
- All right.
Skip the verse, do the chorus, tempo.
Hot, eh?
- Good morning.
- Hello, Jimmy.
I've got the hottest song
you ever heard in your life.
- Is that so?
- Yes, that's so.
Got it? Have you got it?
Jimmy, if you can get this crowd
to keep quiet, I'll sing it for you.
- How about a little harmony?
- All right.
Listen, let's go through it.
One and two.
The second chorus,
a little jazz, a little pep.
Come on, I'll vamp until ready.
Let's go.
Go on, Herb.
- That's it.
- The chorus in F-sharp.
Hot dog!
Listen, kid, if we can get that number,
we're a cinch for the Palace.
- Hello, girls.
- Hello, Eddie.
Listen, Eddie, we'll take that song
and smack it over for you.
Oh, no. Not this song, babies.
Zanfield's bought it for his new revue.
And the Mahoney Sisters are coming
from the West to put it over for me.
Listen, Eddie, you're not gonna waste
a swell number like that...
...on a smalltime sister act, are you?
Nix cracking, Rosie.
Half of that sister team is going to be
the future Mrs. Eddie Kearns.
Wait a minute.
Wait a minute, Eddie.
If you wanna be made overnight,
just give us a crack at that number.
Oh, no. Oh, no.
No, no. Positively not.
I've gotta get back to the hotel.
The girls are waiting for me.
Oh, but listen,
if you want a song...
...see Georgie Cohan.
He writes good music too.
How about it, Jimmy?
Oh, I'll take that, thank you.
Gee, this is elegant, ain't it?
Tell you better when
I get a peek at the beds.
Quiet. I told you to pack
that cooking outfit in the trunk.
Yeah? Well, I'm taking no chances.
If we can't pay our bill and the hotel
holds the trunks, we still eat.
And, baby, when you don't eat,
you lose a lot of calories.
Calories? What are they?
Oh, acrobats, you big sap.
- Well, I never got fat on your cooking.
- No?
You never got that complexion
from the Greeks.
- Don't talk to me like...
- lxnay, ixnay.
- Leave us plenty of towels too.
- I did.
And I counted them.
How high can you count?
Well, everything's okay.
Will there be anything else?
Yeah, food.
I think he may stall for a tip. Get to the
window and give me the high sign.
Hank, I don't wanna do that.
Don't be such a cheapskate.
Say, did they run out of everything
but dollar signs on this thing?
One coffee, one order of fried eggs.
There's two in an order, ain't they?
- Yep.
- And one order of rolls.
- Hank.
- Yes?
Come look at the elegant view.
Oh, that will be all, thank you.
Cup of coffee, order of rolls,
a couple of eggs.
It worked.
Oh, Queenie, New York.
The place we've dreamed
and talked about.
- Ain't it swell?
- Yeah.
But there's something about it
that scares me, Hank.
Scares you?
Well, there's nothing to be afraid of.
Well, it seems like we're taking
an awful chance.
We were getting along so well out west.
Plenty of work, small jumps,
a chance to save money.
And the act always went over big.
But here, nobody knows us.
Oh, I'm afraid.
Now don't lose your nerve, honey.
But we haven't got much money.
Oh, Hank, couldn't we go back,
just for one more year?
Back to those opera houses
and town halls?
Those cheap hotels
and their lobby comics?
Cooking our own food...
...washing our own clothes
and ironing them on mirrors.
Riding in those smelly day-coaches.
Going ragged all summer and then darn near
freezing in the winter. And why?
Just to save money enough
to get to New York and show our act.
Oh, honey.
With your looks and my ability...
I wouldn't steer you wrong.
Now don't worry.
You see that electric sign
of the fellow in BVDs?
- Yeah.
- Well, right there...
...they're gonna have
the Mahoney Sisters.
- In BVDs?
- Yes, in BVD...
Baby, they were plenty smart
when they made you beautiful.
Come on, let's get cleaned up
before Eddie gets here.
Бродвейская мелодия

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