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Терминатор: Да придёт спаситель

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Longview State Correctional Facility
How are you?
It's been an hour.
I thought I'd try...
one last time.
You should have stayed
in San Francisco, Dr. Kogan.
By signing this conscent form
You'll be donating your body
to a noble cause
You'd have a second chance...
through my research
to live again.
You know
what I did.
My brother and two cops
are dead
because of me.
I'm not lookin'
for a second chance.
But I'm not the only one
with a death sentence, am I?
Do you think
I'm gonna kill your cancer
this permanent?
I'm not worried
about myself.
I'm worried about
the future of the human race.
I'll sell it to you.
For what?
A kiss.
So that's what
death tastes like.
CyberDyne Systems
Genetics Division
Donor Informed Consent
Willed Body Release
You are doing something
very noble.
Just cut me up
until there's nothing left.
I'm guilty.
That I walk through the valley
of the Shadow of Death.
I will fear no evil.
For thou art with me,
thy rod and my staff,
they comfort me.
Do you have
any last words?
Early in the 21st century, Skynet,
a military defense program,
became self-aware.
Viewing humanity
as a threat to its existence,
Skynet decided
to strike first.
The survivors of the nuclear fire
called the event Judgement Day.
They lived only
to face a new nightmare...
The war
against the machines.
To hunt down
and eradicate humans,
Skynet built Terminators.
As the war rages on, leaders
of the Human Resistance grow desperate.
Some believe one man
holds the key to salvation.
Others believe
he is a false prophet.
His name is John Connor.
The year is 2018.
Approaching target:
Skynet Research and Development Facility
Bag Art,
this is Black Hawk Six.
Missile imbound to
Skynet target.
TTO 11 seconds,
taken close.
- Come on, come on!
- Move, move!
- Help, go back!
- Right here!
Connor is on the ground.
This mission
is a quick in-and-out.
Command teams the information
on those computers
should be
at the highest priority.
Connor, there's no sign
of the machines.
They're gone.
We too quiet.
It's almost like
they were waiting for us.
What the hell's
that smell, man?
You're seeing this?
Objective located.
There's something else
you'd have to see.
We got what we came for,
The clock's ticking.
Spread out,
secure the perimeter.
I got a big gap
over here.
Why didn't we know
about this?
Login Over-ride Skynet Terminal
Sir, I think this is
what Command's looking for.
I'm in
their source code.
These people are being taken
up north to San Francisco.
Some sort of R&D project,
for a new Terminator.
Send it to Command.
It's uploading,
I need two minutes.
Wait, wait, wait.
Go back. Go back!
T-800 Model 101 Cell #456
CyberNetic Organism
- T-800.
- A new Terminator.
Thought you said
it would be...
It's worse.
Connor, get your nose
out of that.
None of your business.
You're not
leading this mission.
Alright, let's cut
these sorry bastards loose.
Come on, let's go!
- Jericho, come in.
- What's that?
Come in, Jericho.
get your ass top-side.
Remind those men
they need to answer me on the radio,
even if they're dead.
get those men to respond.
something's wrong up here.
Top-side, come in!
Help out enemy aircraft,
I'm in pursuit.
There are human prisoners
aboard there.
Get after 'em!
Data transferred to plane.
Connor, we're joining you, top--
Bravo Ten, Bravo Ten.
Do you copy? Over.
Eagle White to Bravo Ten.
Bravo Ten, do you copy? Over.
Bravo Ten, Bravo Ten,
do you copy? Over.
Bravo Ten, identify.
We'll send units
to the extraction point.
How many survivors
are outside? Over.
woarh ............
Return to base, sir?
Take me to Command.
Roger, re-routing.
Терминатор: Да придёт спаситель

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