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Check, charge or cash?
Make it out to...
...Jack's Demolition. Tucson.
Taking me to breakfast?
l can't. l'm meeting Bosko.
Hey, Vincent.
Where are my barrettes?
l saw them on the kitchen table.
l already checked.
No school today?
My dad's taking me to the new building
and then to lunch.
Try under the sofa cushions.
He's already a half an hour late.
He's going to show,
or stand her up like last time?
l'll make coffee.
Out of time.
Mom, my barrettes are not on the couch.
Wear the blue ones.
l don't want to wear the blue ones.
They don't match.
- Did you check in your bathroom?
- l checked everywhere!
What do you want me to do?
Find them!
- Mom, pay attention!
- All right, sweetie, all right!
Daddy's going to be here.
l won't be ready!
- l can't be late.
- You won't.
l will be late!
Before Daddy comes,
we can find them if we look together.
lt's all right, baby. lt's all right.
We'll find them together, you and me.
We'll find them.
Just relax. He won't come
before we find them. l promise you.
Give me another refill.
What's your name?
You're Michael?
You guys always work together?
All the time.
Real tight crew?
Real tight.
lf this works good,
l'd consider going again, you know.
Yeah. Stop talking, okay, Slick?
How's he doing?
Hundred percent.
Right on schedule.
Made a right on Venice Boulevard.
We're a mile and a half from you.
Just crossed over the No. 1 lane,
300 yards from you.
Get set.
l am.
Here we go.
21 1 !
We're being held up!
- 211 alarm. Armored car.
- There's the call.
Three minutes.
Eighty seconds left!
Get back! Get back!
Get back!
Slick, see that shit coming out of
their ears? They can't fucking hear you!
Cool it!
l got it.
Got it.
You had to fuck with me.
Want to fuck with me?
What are you doing? What did he do?
He was making a move.
Dumb motherfucker.
l heard them.
$1.6 million...
Forty cents on the dollar, $640,000 to you.
Here's $150,000 front money.
Get you the rest in two, three days.
Who owned these?
''Malibu Equity and lnvestments.''
Roger Van Zant.
Owns banks in the Caymans...
..ns investment portfolios
for offshore drug money. Stuff like that.
You ripped off his bearer bonds.
He's insured.
That's the point. He collects
100 percent from the insurance.
He's a player. Maybe he buys
his bonds back from us...
...for 60 percent of their value. Makes
40 percent on top of the 100 percent.
Sell it back to him,
that's an extra $320,000 to you.
Try it on.
Kelso called.
About what?
A score he's putting out,
he wants you to look at.
l don't need his score. l got my own.
Says it's clean and low eight figures.
9:00 a.m. tomorrow.
What happened?
Don't ask.
Find the ambulance?
- Dumped it four blocks from here.
- 22nd Street.
They torched it.
Burned the guns, clothes, everything.
They were airborne. They taped the last
few seconds of the black-and-whites.
Stolen from Fresno two weeks ago.
Yellow pickup truck out of Whittier
a day before yesterday.
You taking this one?
Or does it stay in Division?
Does this look like gangbangers
working the local 7-1 1 to you?
Robbery-Homicide's taking it.
We got three motorists.
All they saw were men with masks.
They were distant.
TV man over there, however,
he was closer.
Did he lD anybody?
He was hiding. He heard it mostly.
What about them?
According to the TV man,
this guy started mouthing off.
Somebody called a guard ''Slick.''
Now, l figure this guy...
...went for that hold-out piece,
ankle holster.
From here...
...bang, bang...
...bang, bang, bang.
This side.
This guy has got what appears to be
a double tap-entry wound to the sternum.
Tattooing around the head wound,
scorched bone, close range.
Probably executed.
lt was $1.6 million in bearer bonds.
They ignored the loose cash.
'Cause they had no time.
They were on a clock.
Which means they knew
our response time to a 21 1.

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