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Excuse me really Dorothy Walt.
She was a wonderful girl.
Thanks for coming, Al.
 "Spectacles, Testicles, Wallet, and Watch" 
Look how the old man scandal
Ashley looks to.
He can not even mean
at the funeral, Mom?
What did you expect?
Dad is still living in the'50s.
He expects that his granddaughter
a little more fashionable clothes.
Yes, if your children wear a jersey Timbervolves
I am sure that the AR values.
My point is that nobody can do anything
that the old man would not disappoint.
It is inevitable.
Therefore we do not celebrate together
Remember that deal with the motorboat,
the broken geboortebad,
there is always something with him.
What we need with him?
Do not you think that he is in trouble,
there all alone in the old neighborhood?
Why does he not you withdraw?
Death is often a bittersweet event
For us Catholics.
Bitter in the pain.
Sweet in salvation.
Bitter in the pain
which caused the death ...
for their families.
Sweet for those of us
the salvation know that wait.
And some wonder;
"What is death?"
Is this the end?
Or is that the beginning?
And what is life?
What is that thing
that we 'live' call?
All these questions can frustrate
in times like this.
And therefore you need to reverse the Lord.
- Jesus.
Because the Lord is the sweetness.
Is that dad?
- No, that's Grandpa Walt.
Third platoon, Company E,
two in March 1952.
- Where is Korea?
There are many people
taken to the funeral, huh?
I think they have heard
that there would be much ham.
I go to the basement
a few chairs to get.
I can do that, Dad.
- No, we need them now,
not next week.
Cool, I've found a medal.
Look at this post.
How long should we stay here?
This slum is hell
for my phone and I bored me.
Ashley, honey, you want Grandpa Walt
help with the chairs?
- Yes, you. Windscreen, go ahead.
Grandpa Walt, would you help with this ...
These seats?
No, you have probably
just your nails painted.
 Grandpa makes me crazy. 
Why did you ask me that?
Come on, let's go.
How many swamp rats
you get a room?
Grandpa, when you
that old-timer?
I never knew you
a cool old car had.
Yes, there is but
before you were born.
What will you do if
you something ...
as die?
What about those retro super bank
you have in your house,
I 've been thinking,
I go next year to the State,
and I think it would be in my room
and I have no furniture.
Oh, God.
Who are you?
- Hi, I'm Tao.
I live next door.
- Come on, say what you have to say.
I ...
- Tell me what you want.
Do you have jumper cables? My uncle is his car ...
- We do not have a jumper.
And have some respect, empty head.
We are here to mourn.
How does the volume, Walt.
Mr. Kowalski.
- Mr. Kowalski, that's my name.
Well, Mr. Kowalski.
Your wife and I were
these last few months is very close.
She asked me to watch over you
when she died.
I told her
that I have my whole flock wake
but she let me promise
I am in the extra holes would hold.
I appreciate the kindness,
you have given to my wife.
Now that you have expressed your peace,
why not go to another sheep?
Dorothy said specifically that she wanted
that you would confess.
She said she could not remember,
when you last had.
Is that so?
- That's it.
I confess that I never much
have given to the church.
The only reason why I
I was, it was because of her.
And I confess that I have no desire
to confess
to a boy who just
training of the priest comes.
I wish I could help, Dad
but I must go home with the children.
Do not pressure?
- Yes, well, just go ahead.
I still call to hear how it goes.
- Good.
It kills you,
an American car.
Did you see how he looked into the truck?
It's always Rice-Burner this
Jap-buggy that.
Mon her own funeral
he can not let go.
He said nothing this time at least.
- That he did not.
What did you expect, Mitch? The man
has all these years,


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