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Хроники мутантов

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At the end of the Ice Age,
the Machine came. 
It came from outside. 
It came from space. 
It came with one purpose... 
to change Man into Mutant. 
After much suffering and death... 
a warrior named Neachdainn... 
united the ancient tribes of Man. 
Together, they sealed the deadly
Machine beneath the earth. 
In the distant mountains
of eastern Europe... 
only The Brotherhood,
descendants of Neachdainn... 
kept knowledge of
the Machine alive... 
in stories, in myths, in the
sacred book of The Chronicles. 
Years later, four Corporations
ruled the world. 
Mishima in the East... 
Bauhaus and Imperial
in Europe and Africa... 
Capitol in the West. 
Each Corporation fights each other... 
for what little resources
remain in a war without end. 
On the muddy planes of Europe... 
the Bauhaus Corporation prepares... 
for another assault
on the Capitol lines. 
Between them, beneath them,
the Machine still waits. 
Keep it up, lads, put a smile on it.
Will you put that
fucking cigarette out!
Alright, you Bauhaus bastards,
what's on today's menu of shit?
Get your lid on, son.
Tuck in! Tuck in!
Keep your heads down.
Don't pick at it, son.
It makes it worse.
Fucking hell.
All the fun of the fair, eh?
I want you to destroy them!
You will now fight!
I want to see only ashes remaining!
Is Hunter's patrol back yet?
What's left... sir.
More pressure on the exit wound.
What happened?
Ran into cog armour
five klicks back.
- How strong?
- Five ATCs.
Shit, a full platoon.
We left them bogged
down in the wire.
They called in our position, ran
eight-eighties right up our ass...
Once they get through this wire,
they'll be right on top of us.
- Just another day.
- Right, fucking on top of us.
Shit, here they come.
I guess dead men don't smoke, huh?
Gracias, Padre. I feel
all cleansed and shit.
Sergeant? Would you receive grace?
Top's going straight to hell.
You know your Top
used to be an officer.
A klick and closing, lads.
That's right. We went through
the Academy and everything.
They're nearly with us, lads.
Then one morning he woke up...
with an extremely nasty case
of, 'I don't give a fuck'.
A fuck about what?
Every yard we take...
every Cog we kill, some fat
fuck's stock goes up two points.
But it's not about
the money, is it, Sarge?
Ends up where they give
cash bonuses to officers...
based on body count.
Sometimes, I think
you don't believe...
in the righteousness of our
mighty Corporation, Sergeant.
They don't pay me to believe, sir.
Absolutely right.
They pay you to fuck shit up.
Right, ladies...
this is it, let's get to it.
Up you get! Up you get!
Step to it, boys.
Come on, ladies. I want you to
show those Cogs your war face.
Come on, lads, step to it.
Lock and load.
Come on, Chita.
Easy, lads, wait for it.
Let them have it, lads.
Masks on now! Come on!
For a second, I thought
you were going to shoot me.
For a second I was. If I don't make it
out of here, you look after the girls.
Can't I just buy you a drink?
I can't get through to
Betty and Marilyn's fucked.
Take Mary Jane and link
up with Slick Nancy. Go!
You keep that fucking
bonnet on, soldier!
Our soldiers didn't do this.
Fuck, they're in pieces.
Jesus, God Almighty, Christ!
Put down your weapons!
Whoa, whoa, whoa, easy.
Has war driven you mad?
My men didn't do this.
- So, you accuse me?
- Yeah.
What was that?
What is that?
Get down!
Come on, get the fuck out of here!
Need back-up. 1047, I repeat, 1047...
I'm out!
Motherfuckers! My leg!
Oh, shit my fucking leg!
Nate! Nate!
I'm right behind you!
Come on, then!
See ya!
Хроники мутантов

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