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MontrealSoyuzmultfilm Studio
Puppet films co-op
38 Parrots
Screenwriter: G.Oster
Director: I.Ufimtsev
Art director: L.Shvartsman
Assistant: N.Titov, Camera: A.Zhukovskiy
Composer: V.Shainskiy
Sound: B.Filchikov
Animators: Yu.Norshtein,
Voices: N.Rumyanova, M.Kozakov,
V.Livanov, V.Larionov
Editor: G.Filatova
Script editor: A.Snesarev
Puppets and decorations by:
P.Gusev, O.Masainov, M.Koltunov,
V.Grishin, M.Chesnokova, N.Andreyeva,
S.Znamenskaya, E.Darikovich, S.Etlis
Unknown can be frightening
but terribly exciting
Unknown is exciting
and just a little frightening.
- It's crawling!
- Crawling, crawling.
- It's crawling over there, too!
- What's crawling, then?
- Me, I'm crawling!
- Where are you crawling?
- Here. I'm crawling here.
- Well?
Are you all here now?
- All here.
- You're so...
- What?
- Long!
- "Long."
Like I don't know that.
But... How long?
- Very long.
- "Very."
"Very" is not good enough.
- What's good enough, then?
And now what are you doing?
- A thought occurred to me.
A thought.
And I'm pondering it.
- What kind of thought?
A thought occurred to me...
...to measure my length.
- What an excellent thought!
Is it okay if I ponder it
for a bit, too?
- Ponder, ponder.
- I've got it!
- How?
- Very simple.
We need to fold you in half.
- Like that.
- Well?
- Here is the head.
And here is the tail.
Fold again!
- Well?
- It's all clear now.
- What is?
- Your length...
...two of your halves,
or four half-halves.
- Wait...
- No, that won't work!
- Why won't it work?
- Because I can't be
measured in halves!
- Why not?
- Because I'm one whole.
- Well, then I don't know how.
- Can you please ponder a bit more?
- I don't know how to ponder
the same thing twice.
- What are you guys doing here,
beg your pardon?
- We are measuring my length.
- Except we don't know how.
- When you don't know how...
...you should ask someone.
- How about we ask you?
- Ask me?
Better if it's not me,
beg your pardon.
- Let's ask Parrot instead.
- Yes, let's. Let's ask me.
Go ahead!
- I would like to measure my length.
Can you help me?
- I can!
I can measure how long you are...
...in parrots!
- In parrots?
- In parrots?
- How's that?
- Very simple.
How many parrots fit in you,
that's how tall you are.
- Forget it.
I'm not going to eat
that many parrots.
- Who said anything about eating?
First of all, you don't
have to eat anyone.
Second of all, just one
parrot is enough -- me.
- Well, if I don't have to
eat anyone...
Then go ahead and
measure in parrots!
- One and two, and left foot, right,
you will see with your own eyes --
I can measure any python,
two times two, of any size.
Your length is...
Thirty-eight parrots,
plus one parrot wing.
But we don't have to count the wing.
- That's wonderful!
Simply wonderful!
- What else can be used
to measure length?
- Anything.
- Can you use monkeys?
- You can!
- One and two, and left foot, right...
- That's it.
He already ran out.
- Five monkeys.
- And now, in elephants!
Two... beg your pardon.
- Two elephants.
- Five monkeys.
- Thirty-eight parrots!
- But I am a lot longer in parrots!
The end.
(cc) by-sa, 2010, Montreal


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