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I'm just gonna put something here
to stop the bleeding.
Excuse me, Sister. She'll be fine.
Here they are now.
One question:
Are you guilty?
Are you guilty?
-Martha, it's you.
-What about Roger? He's free.
They want a woman.
All you have to do is meet with her
and tell the court she's insane.
Are you dictating my position?
This is sticky territory.
Nobody wants this case to go to trial.
Not the Church, the Crown,
least of all me.
-Eve, she strangled a baby.
-Nobody wants to send a nun to prison.
We're not telling you what to decide,
or even to take it.
Is there any reason why you feel
you shouldn't take it?
Today's my birthday.
I always make bad decisions
on my birthday.
Happy birthday.
Hi, kitty.
It's Helen. Mrs. Davenport confirmed
her appointment at 9:00 tomorrow.
Okay? Bye-bye.
Wait a minute.
-It's Roger. Call me at the hospital.
I'd like your opinion on a case.
And happy birthday.
Helen again. I cancelled
your Wednesday appointment...
...so you can visit your mother.
Hello, Martha. Guess who?
Bonjour. I'm Dr. Martha Livingston.
Hello. I'm...
...Dr. Martha Livingston.
Excuse me.
I'm a...
...court-appointed psychiatrist.
Thank you.
I believe your Mother Superior's
expecting me?
Dr. Livingston, I presume?
I'm Mother Miriam Ruth.
You needn't call me "Mother."
Most find it uncomfortable.
I'm afraid it brings up
unpleasant connotations.
-So you can call me "Sister."
-Thank you.
You must have tons of questions.
You may smoke.
Just don't tell any of the sisters.
They wouldn't understand.
Especially Marguerite.
She'd scare the pants off
Queen Elizabeth.
Besides, I miss them.
-You smoked?
-Two packs a day.
I can beat that.
Well, you have questions.
Fire away.
-Who knew about Agnes' pregnancy?
-No one.
-She hid it?
-She undressed and bathed alone.
-Is that normal?
-And during the day?
-She could've hidden a machine gun.
Did she have any physical exams?
Once a year.
Her pregnancy fell between the visits.
-Who is the father?
-I haven't a clue.
-What men had access to her?
-None, as far as I know.
-A priest?
-Yes, but...
-His name?
-Father Martineau.
-I don't see him as a candidate.
-Was there anyone else?
Obviously, there was.
-You didn't find out who?
-I've done everything but ask Agnes.
-Why haven't you?
-She can't even remember the birth.
-Somebody gave her the baby.
-Yes, 10 months ago.
I fail to see how that somebody
has anything to do with this trial.
Why do you think that?
Don't ask me questions.
I'm not the patient.
Well, I'm the doctor.
I'm the one who will decide
what is or is not important.
I don't know how to tell you this,
but I don't approve of you.
-Not personally...
Exactly. I want you to deal with her
speedily and easily.
She won't hold under
-I'm not the Inquisition.
-I'm not from the Middle Ages.
I know what you are.
I don't want that mind cut open.
I'm Dr. Livingston.
I've been asked to talk to you. May I?
You have a lovely voice.
No, I don't.
I just heard you.
That wasn't me.
Was it Sister Marguerite?
You're very pretty, Agnes.
No, I'm not.
Hasn't anyone ever
told you that before?
Let's talk about something else.
-What should we talk about?
-I don't know.
-Anything. May I sit down?
The first thing that comes
to your mind.
God. But there's nothing to say
about God.
-Second thing that comes to mind?
-Have you ever loved anyone?
-Who in particular?
-Right now?
I love you.
Have you ever loved another man?
Other than Jesus Christ?
There are so many.
-Well, do you love Father Martineau?
-Oh, yes.
-You think he loves you?
-I know he does.
-He's told you?
-No, but...
...when I look into his eyes,
I can see.
-You've been alone together?

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