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Рассказ домовладельца

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SaigoThe Record of Tenement Gentlemen
(Completed in April 1947)
Script: Yasujiro Ozu & Tadao Ikeda
Photography: Takaharu Atsuta
Sound: Yoshisaburo Senoo
Art Director: Tatsuo Hamada
Music: Ichiro Saito
Set Design: Matsutaro Dai
Costumes: Taizo Saito
Sound Effects: Rokusaburo Saito
Assistant Director: Takeo Hongo
Assistant Camera: Kiyoji Nakamura
Choko Lida, Hohi Aoki,
Eitaro Ozawa, Mitsuko Yoshikawa
Reikichi Kawamura, Hideko Mimura,
Chishu Ryu, Takeshi Sakamoto
Eiko Takamatsu, Fujiyo Nagafune,
Yuichi Kono, Yoshino Tani
Taiji Tonoyama, Siji Nishimura
Directed by Yasujiro Ozu
Even the moon is shadowed
once in a while
Let alone small human beings
Easily shadowed into darkness,
they still linger in the air
The past is past. Now is now
Whenever I hear your
sweet words...
...of kindness and concern...
...I feel as if I'm stabbing you
in the back
My whole body is destroyed
Believe me, it's not easy
But try to understand
and divorce me
It's harder than death for me
If you shun me like that...
...there's no reason for me to live
I'm back
But I am
I'm home
Welcome back
Somebody here?
But I heard you
Forget it. You're back early today
Hey, come here!
I picked up this kid
He followed me from Kudan
No, just lost. He's from Chigasaki
Let's put him up for the night
Don't bother with him
But I feel sorry for him
Why should we do that?
Let someone else do it
Take him to Tane
You won't put him up?
Not me. I hate kids
Leave him with Tane
He's a good kid
Not me. Take him over there
I see
Come on
Good evening
Good evening
Good evening
Hey, come here
You see, Tane
Do you like to have a kid?
I picked him up, and I want you
to take him in
What's all this?
He followed me from Kudan
And he won't leave me
will you put him up for the night?
Why don't you put him up?
Tamekichi is dead against it
If he doesn't, I won't
Don't say that, he told me to ask you
Let him stay, will you?
No thanks
Look, I'm asking you
No. I hate kids
Come on, have a heart
Hey, Mr. Tashiro, it's no joke
Hey, wait! This is no way
Dry it with the fan
This is a mess. What can I do?
About what
That kid, he's a nuisance
I beg off taking care of him
What's wrong?
He wet the bed last night
Ruined a good mattress
Peed just like a horse
Some calamity
Where's Tashior?
He just left
It's all his fault
I'm not keeping the kid
so do something
Do what?
Keep him or send him away
it's up to you
I took him for one night
now it's your turn
Don't be silly
Who's being silly, just think!
You're responsible, too
Tashiro found him
so you keep him here
Not me, no thank you
The kid who pees like a horse
Why don't you kick him out?
Don't be stupid. Then, you do it
What a thing to pick up on the street
Let's ask Kawayoshi
Yes, let them take him, alright?
No, we can not
I have lots of work and kids
And not enough room
You've got enough room. A nice place
Raising 3 children or 4
makes no difference
It's not the same
How about your place?
My place is no good
Why is it no good?
Nothing wrong with it
Let him stay at your place
He could help you
That's right, let him stay
Oh, come on
Tashiro picked up a devil
I guess someone must take him back
to Chigasaki
Then, we can find his house
And leave him there
That's the best thing to do
How about it, Tane?
Fine, but not me
Oh, don't say that
No, count me out
But someone has to go
Then, you go
What do you say?
What do you say?
Will you go?
No kidding!
Some trouble Tashiro picked up
Alright, we'll draw lots
No hard feelings, whoever
gets the marked one will go
Kawayoshi, alright?
It's alright
I'll make the lots
The X mark is it
If you get it, you go
It's me!
So, it's you. Sorry
I'm getting in deeper trouble
No hard feelings. Just luck
Tane, it's your luck
What luck?
On, come on, how about some tea?
You kidding?
Hey, mine's got an X too
Рассказ домовладельца

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