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Second Artistic Association
According to the 1913 census,
in the village of Mungalovsky,
within the Orlov township
of the Zabaikalsk Cossack Army
there were 21,702.4 acres of land,
87 homesteads,
and 346 Cossack men and women.
Summer of 1914...
Based on the novel by
Konstantin SEDYKH
Ataman, tell us, did you
have a good time at the governor's?
Yes, too much of a good time...
Though it was not a simple feast,
it was a banquet.
What d'you know!
At parting, the governor gave me
a 25-ruble bill.
- No kidding? 25 rubles?
- Twenty five.
Thank you, Kargin, for your
service, he said.
He seems to like our Yelisey
very much.
It's not for nothing that we've
chosen him as our ataman.
I sentence this bill to cover
drinks for the whole crowd.
- Right, Cossacks?
- Right!
Let's sing!
Screenplay by Yuri KLEPIKOV,
Directed by
Director of Photography
Production Designer
Music by Georgy PORTNOV
English Subtitles by
A. TROUSOV as Grandfather Andrei
P. SHELOKHONOV as Severyan
V. KUZNETSOVA as Avdotya
V. SOLOMIN as Roman
V. SHUKSHIN as Vassily
Zhenya MALYANTSEV as Ganka
F. ODINOKOV as Epifan Kozulin
L. MALINOVSKAYA as Agraphyona
S. GOLOVINA as Dashutka
Ye. KOPELYAN as Yelisey Kargin
B. ARAKELOV as Mitka
D. MASANOV as Merchant Chepalov
V. PAVLOV as Nikifor
V. LOSEV as Alexei
Yu. SOLOMIN as Semyon Nagorny
M. KOKSHENOV as Fedot Muratov
V. KUZNETSOV as Platon Volokitin
I. YEFIMOV as Timofey Kosykh
Yu. DUBROVIN as Mostov Peasant
Make way!
Make way!
They must be driving them
to Kutomara.
Where else?
Hi there, fellow-villagers!
- Wolves are your fellow-villagers!
- Don't meddle in, you idiot!
Didn't you recognize me?
- That's Vassily Ulybin.
- Looks like him!
Hello, Vassily!
- You, with your damn big mouth.
- Why me?
Ataman, order your men
to keep their mouths shut!
- Sorry. It was a man from our village.
- It makes it more shameful for you.
Vassily Ulybin was led
in shackles.
So it must be true that he messed
with politics.
- Shamed our whole village, bastard!
- Watch your language!
And you, Guerasim, use your head
next time! You and your big mouth!
Run to the store and buy some sugar.
You can wash up later.
Fedot, bring the home-brew
from the cellar. You got it?
Got it!
- Kirillovna!
- What?
Come on, get the vodka. Cossacks
are coming for a drinking spree.
What's taking you so long,
Timofey, have you moved the seed
grain from the second granary?
- We have, Sergei Ilyich.
- Good.
Petya! Stop loafing about!
Go and help Fedot.
You break loose one more time,
I'll give you a good thrashing!
I can show you something else.
- How you doing, Sergei Ilyich.
Come over later, my dear women.
Alyosha, get ready the food.
Prepare the herring from the old
barrel. With lots of onions.
Don't touch the zalom brand!
Timofey, wipe off the snot
before entering the store.
I'll show you the snot!
Welcome your guests, dear host.
- How are you?
- Welcome, dear Cossacks.
- Roman, water the horse first.
- All right.
- Hi, Roma!
- Hi.
You hate everybody. Look at you...
You blast everyone who manages
his homestead well. It's not good.
- Will you answer my question?
- What question?
Hold on for a moment!
Tell me, Prokhor,
how come you're so greedy?
Me, greedy?
You! You'd be ready to lick
a snake for a kopeck!
Don't try to dodge it.
Tell us, why are you so greedy?
Fedot, carry them out
and put in the shade.
Guerasim, let's go home.
He's still on his own feet.
He won't even listen to you.
- Hello.
- Hello.
- How are you, Cossacks?
- Fine. How are you?
- Hello, Yelisey Petrovich.
- Hello.
- Who is that, Yelisey?
- A blacksmith.
He's from town.
Wants to work here in the summer.
- Come on, answer me.
- Leave me alone!
Is he good with his
 / Dauria


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