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Вынужденная посадка

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2008During the war an American bomber
made an emergency landing -
- somewhere in the south of Norway.
Eight men parachuted out
and each had their own experience.
The ninth man died.
It was left to Unit 15
and other good people -
- to find the parachutists
before the Germans.
This film tells the story of
how they went about it.
It is loosely based on the
experiences of those involved.
This film has been made possible
through the participation of Unit 15.
With thanks for their advice and
guidance, we proudly present:
Based on an idea by Colbjorn Helander
It's an American.
- Yes?
- Drop everything and get going.
Drop? Are you out of your mind?
I'm holding explosives.
Then put them down carefully.
Report to London
and meet up at the church.
Use only the smartest men. Bye.
You're a highly inflammable gardener.
- Can you smell the gas?
- Not that much.
You're sailing the Yankees
to Sweden.
Explosives one way,
Yankees the other way. How many?
I don't know yet.
They're lying all over the place.
How many were there
an where were they?
Did they Ian in the lake?
Or in the woods, maybe?
Or maybe in the village?
I didn't have a clue.
But the skipper wasn't the only one
who had a surprise.
It was a Sunday. And we didn't know
if they'd managed to hide.
We didn't know
if they were all alive.
My head was full of questions -
- as I got on my bike
an started the search.
Beat it! Clear out!
- You have to...
- How is he?
Both his legs are broken
and his face is burned.
Come on!
- Okay, go and pick berries.
- I'm 20, but pretending to be a boy.
Forget about your age.
Report on the plane
and get back to the church. Okay?
Henrik told you to come at once.
He's found something.
- I didn't hang that there.
- No, and you've never seen it.
Where is he?
The Germans won't find him
if they keep going straight.
How do you say stole pa?
Where did they go?
If they're told to go straight ahead,
they just march on.
He's waking up.
Come on, Henrik.
We have to drag him.
- He'll pass out with that leg.
- Come on.
They found one.
Let me.
- Did you see any more?
- No, just him.
Get back
as soon as you can, okay?
- Did you hear me?
- Yes.
I was so frightened.
Too frightened
to deliver a message?
- No, I feel better now.
- Good.
Listen up now.
The message is that an organ player
named Alf Sanerud has arrived.
There are orders to eliminate him.
He's a dangerous informer who
specializes in church communities.
His alias is Strawman
as he's always chewing a straw.
- You're the bell-ringer?
- I am indeed.
- It's a beautiful, old church.
- Too old and too beautiful.
Would it be possible to see it?
- You're interested in culture?
- Yes.
- You would like to see the church?
- Yes.
When we have visiting hours,
I sit up there and ring the bell -
- and anyone can come
and visit the church.
It's Edvardsen.
A good old hymn...
You have to get hold of Knut.
- Are we getting a new lodger?
- Yes. And he has to fix a leg.
Won't he scream?
Sing as loud as you can
and no one will hear.
Don't forget that it's today
your marriage is announced.
I won't. Tell Kristin I'll go and
see her when she's playing.
- Was your wedding announced?
- No, in a minute.
Yes, that's my sweetheart.
What's the word for unerkjole?
Today I announce the marriage of
the organ player, Kristin Tonnesen -
- and the gardener, Hans Ellingsen.
May God bless
your life together -
- and spread peace
in your hearts and your home.
May your future be bright
under the Lord's love and care.
How long will you postpone it
this time?
You're wrong, my dear. Your groom has
gotten hold of all we need today.
Stop talking nonsense.
We've got the captain in the attic.
He's given us his parachute
as a wedding present.
There'll be 12 of each,
just like in the old
Вынужденная посадка

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