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You couldn't hide, Johnny!
Nobody hides from us!
Get some ice.
I think I broke my goddamn hand.
Sure, Boss.
Fuck you!
Just do me!
Sure, Johnny. But first...
...Mr. Canelli wants a little souvenir.
Open up!
Open up!
We'll send this to your
Witness Protection buddies.
See if it sings on its own.
They can take it to the trial.
Open up, Johnny! Open up!
Who in the hell are you?
Close your eyes.
Who are you?
Shut up!
You too!
It's okay.
Do what he says.
Don't move. You're dead.
I need the clothes you're wearing.
Your ring.
Your watch.
All your IDs.
Do it!
Come with me.
Grab the other one.
Let's go.
Put your clothes on them. Move!
There's been a murder at 232 Alden Drive.
Send the police.
What are you doing?
They killed you, then turned on each other.
Sons of bitches!
This doesn't work without an audience.
Outside. Let's go.
Get in.
Thank you.
Thank you. Anything you ever need,
just ask me.
You endangered your life
and the US Marshals protecting you.
You went to your old restaurant.
You went back to Gennaro's?
Johnny, are you stupid?
It's the osso buco.
I was fucking dying for a decent meal!
Next time, you're dead!
This only happens once.
Get out.
That was our ride!
Let's go.
You won't see me again,
but I'll know your every move.
Use your heads, lie low
and no one will hurt you.
If you try to skip out on your testimony,
I'll deliver you to the Canelli family.
I promise.
I owe you big time.
I'm a stand-up guy, you got it?
You ever need anything, you let me know.
What's your name?
Honey, he doesn't want to be pen pals.
Smile. You've just been erased.
John, would you look at something?
One is from our shop, the others are real.
What do you think?
That's the fake.
Who the hell is that?
If I tell you, I'd have to kill you.
Shut up and run this again.
With a little sleight of hand...
...one very dead John Doe trades places
with one very live scumbag.
Robert, sit down.
You know...
...if God was as forgiving as WITSEC...
...hell would be one empty joint.
God doesn't have our court system.
I understand you had a busy night.
Some witnesses got careless.
- I see.
- I had to defuse the situation.
Did that include breaking
into the county morgue?
Someone taught me that improvisation
is the heart of field work.
It was you.
In the old days. Weather's changed.
Now every asshole
in Congress is down our backs.
I'm telling you to walk softly.
Is that why Beller called me in?
Because of the morgue?
No, no, no.
He doesn't know anything about that.
I don't think he has to.
Shadow Ops still has some privileges.
You're right.
...good work.
I had a good teacher.
You had the best.
14,640 some-odd people
under WITSEC protection...
...and not one with a profile like this.
That bad?
That good. This young lady, Miss Cullen...
...is a real live, bona fide...
...honest person.
Then why does she need us?
She's a senior executive
at Cyrez Corporation.
They're major defense contractors.
Top-secret weapons research.
Looks like someone inside Cyrez is selling
out Uncle Sam.
Feds need her to prove their case.
If they do...
...she'll be the key witness
in the hottest scandal since Iran-Contra.
- When does this go down?
- Tomorrow.
The sting's in place.
When it's over, she's all yours.
Sealed file on relocate. Your eyes only.
As usual, only you and I will be privy
to the exact location of your witness.
But, John...
...there are some serious players
in Washington...
...who could be badly burned.
So could she.
Welcome to Cyrez Corporation.
All visitors are required to stop
at the security station on the right.
Good morning, Dave.
She's in.
Anything yet?
Not yet.
That's right, lady. We're right here.
We're on.
You hear me?
We hear you.
I look okay?
Tell her she looks great.
Not bad, Miss Cullen.
Not bad for an amateur.
We're right with you.
Then let's

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