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KrylatovUSSR State Television and
Radio Committee
Odessa film studio
Good Services
Happy New Year!
Moscow music
instruments factory
Mr. P. Amatin
-May l?
-Take a seat.
Listen to that!
The sound of our products.
Well, what is it?
l wanted to wish you a Happy
New Year. And say good-bye.
Oh, no you don't:
the working day isn't over yet.
But l've told you:
my fiancee is arriving
from Kitezhgrad.
Never heard of it.
You know, Kitezhgrad...
The city they raised from
underwater not long ago.
-Your fiancee, is she beautiful?
-More than that!
-Who is she?
-A lady-wizard, a witch.
A fiancee and already a witch?
lt's her line ofwork.
Magic in the service sector.
You're a courageous man,
lvan Pukhov.
-Why is that?
-A wife who's a witch...
That's, you know...
-Anyway, congratulations.
-Thank you.
The things they make up
to leave work early
before the holidays.
Alexandra Yakovleva
Alexander Abdulov
Ekaterina Vasilyeva
Valentin Gaft
Valery Zolotukhin
Emmanuel Vitorgan
Mikhail Svetin
Roman Filippov
Anya Ashimova
Semion Farada
and others
Stop at passengers' request
for lncredible Services
The people that must be
working here!
The questions they must be
dealing with!
Who put this question here?
lt was in the storeroom
with all the other letters.
Take it down.
Happy New Year?
All questions must be raised
in a timely manner.
This one - on that wall.
What is your contribution
to science!
Read it later.
They'll start appearing soon.
They're ticking.
lt's today or never!
l suggest running the MW trials
at 10 sharp.
All academic council
Members must be there.
-Do we invite the wise cat?
-Where is his translator?
Here l am.
-Has the cat started talking?
-He's trying.
Second year l hear this.
We put the cat on the council
so he might practice.
But he's lazy.
That's no way to behave!
All institutes doing research
ln our field
have talking animals:
donkeys, chimps, parrots.
-But he's not a parrot!
-You have three days.
Better start talking in two.
l draw your attention to
the MW's design.
lt must reflect its contents,
lt must be simple, but tasteful.
As my deputy in charge of
research, you will help Alyona.
Excuse me,
but we must talk.
Don't be so obstinate, talk.
You have two days!
we must talk
Right here? Come to my office.
No, phones everywhere,
can't stand the sight ofthem.
Written request
For the seventh time
l ask you to be my wife.
For the seventh time l agree.
When l have the time.
-ls that all?
-What is it you want?
-l want it to be certain.
With rings and formalities,
like it is with normal people.
Today's a very impor
All your days are important.
As soon as the trials
are over.
-Tomorrow then?
-lf all goes well.
Alyona, may l
congratulate you.
-The trials will go well.
-l hope so.
May l ask you out
to lunch?
Just a friendly lunch for two,
with champaign.
l'm not having lunch today.
l'm on a diet!
A diet!
What a lady!
A ravishing beauty,
a dream!
One must take care of her!
Please, accept this -
for your lunch with the lady.
And this, too.
What's all this?
Who are you?
l'm a guest, a special guest.
A guest from the sunny
South, with an order.
You look a little odd
Me? Odd?
Take a look at this.
Stamped five times!
An order for one
Magic Wand.
For the whole sunny South!
ls that asking too much?
You're early, mister,
there's no Magic Wand yet.
No wand? But how?
The Magic Wand is
not ready yet.
They are working
on its design.
Magic Wood Shop
No entry!
Creative search in progress!
Maybe, you threw it
up there?
Where's the drawing?
Alyona didn't leave anything.
Must have been in a hurry.
Where to? She's at work.
Made a sign with her
little finger, and was gone.
She must have left it here.


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