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Молчаливое бегство

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How are you today? Hm?
You feeling good? Oh.
I bet you'd like something to eat.
Here. I've got something
in my pocket here.
Some goodies. I'll set the table
for you here, OK?
That's good.
Do I have to put signs up here
to keep you guys off my grass?
Hey, I'm sorry.
Hey! Get out of the way! Ya-hoo!
What do you think you're doing?
Look out!
Did you see the way that Lowell
threw that rake at me?
- Why don't you lay off Lowell for a bit?
- We're just having a little fun.
Oh, yeah! Now what is this?
Really nice catch.
You guys are outrageous.
Listen, Wolfie,
we've been here for six months.
We got six months more to go.
Doesn't that mean anything to you?
He told me a story this morning about
how they're gonna refoliate the earth.
Let's set this thing up
the way it was before, huh?
- It missed. It failed.
- (laughter)
First time!
Let's stop playing with this thing, OK?
I'll tell you this for old flower-face,
he sure knows how to play this thing.
Plenty of time to practise.
Hey, Lowell!
- How about a little of the old poker?
- Yeah. Later.
(man) On this first day of a new century,...
.. we humbly beg forgiveness...
..and dedicate these last forests...
..of our once beautiful nation,...
..in the hope that
they will one day return...
..and grace our foul earth.
Until that day,...
..may God bless these gardens...
..and the brave men who care for them.
- Three.
- Three.
Dealer takes one.
The deck's still open. Your bet, Barker.
And 100.
Come on, son. Throw it on in.
I fold.
You bet $50 and then you're folding?
Well, boys, there's a three.
And there's another three.
And there are three big bullets.
I will just reach in
and gather up the telepors.
- Beats me.
- You bet it does.
I wish they'd hurry up with
that transmission. I wanna go to bed.
I suggest that you reach
deep down inside yourself...
..and try and find something
to keep you awake a little longer,...
..because this transmission coming up
may just rekindle your will to live.
You think it'll be a recall?
Let's just say that
I feel my communications...
..may finally bear some fruit.
Mm. Cantaloupes, maybe.
I'll let that witticism slide by,...
..because it's my feeling
that they're about to re-establish...
..the parks and forests system.
- With you as director?
- You can think of anybody better?
More qualified? Huh?
- Really, it's...
- No, wait a second.
Let me just ask him a question here.
I've spent my last eight years
up here, dedicated to this project.
Now, can you think of
anybody more qualified?
It's more likely that
they're gonna announce cutbacks.
Sorry. There's no way they'll announce
cutbacks, not after this amount of time.
Hey, Lowell, you're dreaming.
And you don't think it's time
somebody had a dream again, huh?
You don't think that it's time that
somebody cared enough to have a dream?
What about the forests? You don't
think anyone should care about them?
What's gonna happen if these forests and
all this incredible beauty is lost for ever?
(Wolf) It's been too long, Lowell.
People have got other things to do now.
(man) Hi, this is for Valley Forge,
Berkshire, Sequoia.
This is Com Central. Channel open
for executive order AUC3423.
Listen to this, boys.
(man #2) This is Anderson speaking.
Boys, I have to make an announcement.
We have just received orders to abandon...
..and nuclear-destruct all the forests...
..and return our ships
to commercial service.
I received no explanation...
..and we must begin at 0900
in the morning.
May God have mercy on us all.
- This is it! We're goin' home!
- I can't believe it!
- I told you! What'd I say?
- We pack up those domes and go home.
Destruct all forest units.
Kiss 'em goodbye, boys.
Hey, Lowell, I'm sorry.
It makes sense, you know?
It's insane.
Let's go.
( "Rejoice in the Sun" by Joan Baez)
Heels of
Молчаливое бегство

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