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OK, everybody ready!
Quiet on the set.
- Roll sound.
- Rolling.
- Camera.
- Rolling.
Action! Action!
- Can I start?
- Get on with it!
No, I am not Byron, I am some other
Elect who yet remains unknown
A pilgrim, though with a Russian soul
Like him I am driven through the world in pother
I set out early, I'll pass away sooner
My mind will not achieve a lot.
- Where do I get a pass?
- Over there. - Thank you.
- It's OK.
- Which way is it?
Take the main elevator to
the eighth floor. You have to ask there.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Excuse me, where's Studio 10?
Boris, it's OK.
- Which one?
- Studio 10. Channel 6.
Go straight down the corridor
to the elevators.
Then go up one floor.
Say hi to Vanya Demidov.
From whom?
- What's your name, handsome?
- Danila.
- Who was that?
- Saltykova.
- I didn't catch the name.
- Boris.
- Hers.
- Irina.
Ilya has looked for you downstairs
3 times already.
Where the hell have you been?
Guys, we go live in one minute.
Come on.
Did the soldiers from Chechnya
arrive or not?
It's OK, Vanya.
Kirill PlROGOV
Quiet on the set.
30 seconds to go.
- Did you host 'Music Review' show?
- I used to.
So you are Kostya Gromov
and you've got several medals of honor.
you're Danila Bagrov,
and that makes you Ilya Setevoi.
Great. Take the sweater off.
Don't interrupt me. We're ready.
- Who's Irina Saltykova?
- What? She's a pop star!
Good evening. You're watching
The World of People.
In 1996, in Chechnya,
Sergeant Kostya Gromov
was decorated for bravery,
but he didn't know about it.
Now he has got his medal.
Here is Kostya Gromov
and his comrades-in-arms
Danila Bagrov and Ilya Setevoi.
Dmitry Gromov,
a famous Russian hockey player
now in the NHL
is Kostya's twin brother.
- What were you honored for?
- It was a covert operation...
When I came round,
I saw the Big Guy...
- Who's the Big Guy?
- It's Kostya.
So the Big Guy was dragging
the two of us with his left hand.
And he had a machine gun
and a Kalashnikov in his right hand
Blood was streaming out of me,
my hip was busted. I could see
the Kalashnikov bouncing around,
bumping against Danila's head.
I thought he was lucky
to have his helmet on.
Other guys didn't make it.
Here's a photograph.
- We're at a rest point.
- It's summer already.
Which one of you is the toughest?
He was very smart
and never feared anything.
Hi. Turn on Channel 6.
Check out the boy
with the full lips.
I'll call you back later.
Now I am a security guard
in a bank.
A major one.
It's the Nikolaevsky Bank.
I like it there.
The guys are all athletes.
I'm actually from Kiev.
After school I went to my Dad in Tula
and soon I was recruited
And Ilya here works on
the Red Square.
It's the former Lenin Museum.
I catalogue their archives.
They still have index cards.
I also work as a night guard there.
That's how I bumped into Danila.
I went out one morning
and he was standing there,
looking at the Mausoleum.
What do you want to be?
Well, I want to enter
an institute.
- Which one?
- A medical school. I want to heal people.
Really? That's symbolic...
Your brother's in Moscow.
They show him on TV.
And you sit here drinking vodka,
you pig.
You'd better help your mother.
I'm going to die soon.
You'll be fine, Ma.
You should go to your brother
in Moscow.
He'd help you out,
you fool.
He's your brother, after all.
Screw him...
This message is for subscriber 712515.
Irina, please call me on
It's Danila. You showed me
the way to Channel 6.
Regards from Demidov.
I'll be waiting.
- Who's that?
- Saltykova.
- Where did you get the number?
- From Demidov.
Warrant officer, get us
some more cold beer.
Mitya was with the Kiev Falcons
for 2 years.
Then he was drafted by the NHL to

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