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WeiI'll take that now, sir. Thank you.
- There you are, sir.
- Thank you.
- It's the heater switch.
- You told me that last week.
- You didn't leave it long enough.
- Work on it now.
- You got an appointment?
- What are you, a doctor?
The bakery workers' strike continues
with no bread for a week.
Unseasonable temperatures
for New York...
Gotta change... Come on, start.
- ...with a humidity of 79%.
- Damn.
I've gotta make an appointment?
- Get away from there!
- Get out of here!
What are you going to do?
Move that crate!
Will you move that heap!
- I'm talking to you, mister! Move!
- All right...
You're a menace! Do you know that,
you senile old cocker?
Don't you tell me to "langsamer",
you Kraut meathead!
- Langsamer!
- Go on!
You Limburger-loving schmuck!
Jude! You are a Jude!
You Nazi bastard!
Go on! Get going,
you Mercedes bastard!
Get going! How do you like that?
Come on!
Come on!
How do you like that?
Hey! You maniac, you!
Go on, you son of a bitch!
Come on! Come on back!
You anti-Semitic bastard, you!
Come on back!
Behind schedule?
Put a leash on that dog!
Here comes the Creep.
Yo, Melendez.
Hey, Creepy! Hey, Twinkletoes!
Gonna time yourself in the shower?
What was it yesterday? 16.02.
I was faster. Shit!
...has shattered the peace
of this East Side neighbourhood
on this traditional Jewish holiday
of Yom Kippur.
Two men have been killed
in this accident.
An explosion and fire,
which you see behind me.
I'm going to talk to some people
to find out what happened.
- What were you doing here?
- I was taking pictures.
- Can you tell me what happened?
- "Boom", that's what.
One of the men killed here
was Klaus Szell,
the brother of the infamous Nazi
Christian Szell,
thought to have perished
fleeing Berlin at the end of WWll.
Tom Ellis, reporting direct
from the scene.
- What's this?
- They are protesting against pollution.
They are a pain in the ass.
London was hectic, but I'm fair.
Get a cab and get over here.
I've got plenty of room.
Oh, screw appearances.
I miss you.
Just a second.
Excuse me, that's not my suit.
I don't know what it was about.
The valet came into the wrong room.
I'm not jittery.
Who else knows I'm here?
Are you sure?
Why don't you finish what you're doing
and get your ass over here?
- ...in francs is a lot of money.
- Is it really?
The price is too high.
You do speak English?
I'd like to offer you half.
- Bon apptit, bon apptit.
- I guess I didn't do it right.
We haven't done anything right
on the whole voyage.
I'm far too sensitive
for this kind of work.
Something for your crash diet, LeClerc.
- The least I could do.
- Merci, Scylla.
My diet is going badly.
I'm beginning to think I lack willpower.
- Why were you surprised to see me?
- I wasn't.
You were when I came in.
Did you think I was dead?
That's ridiculous. I expected you
three days ago, that's all.
London got busy. I'm over here to do
a lot of things. You're only one of them.
- I haven't got anything for you here.
- Why not?
Well... I couldn't keep it in the shop.
Look... I'll have it for you tonight.
- You'll have to come to the opera.
- The opera!
It's worse than that.
It's a very long French opera.
You'll have it tonight, won't you?
Leave the ticket at the box office.
I'll be there before it's over.
Plaza Athne.
Mike, who you have for English Lit?
Bayley? He sucks.
- Which room is Biesenthal's?
- 107. You were picked for his seminar?
You weren't?
Ah, Levy. Good of you to come.
Won't you join us?
Tell us the subject
of your dissertation, please?
Tyranny, sir. The use of tyranny
in American political life.
Such as?
Maybe...Coolidge breaking up
the Boston police strike,
Roosevelt putting Japanese-
Americans into concentration camps.
You might consider
the McCarthy business. Hmm?
- Sir?
- McCarthy.
Senator from Wisconsin?
Ran a series of purges in the 50s?
Yes, I'm aware of that,

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