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Ганнибал: Восхождение

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Subtitles by Knasty
Hide! Quickly!
Run away.
Back. This way.
Quick, this way.
Quickly, come on.
Down to the lake.
- M for Mischa.
- Mischa.
Come on! Come on, let's go!
Come on, Lothar.
- Hurry now. Give me the bathtub.
- Yes, sir.
Hannibal, Mischa,
where have you been?
Hurry now. Quickly!
Hannibal! Come here.
Come on...
Darling, the cart is packed.
Everything is ready.
Hurry up. Come on, come on.
Come on, old boy. Come on.
Hey... Colonel Timka says the fighting
will be close to the roads.
It can't last more than a few days.
We'll be safe at the Lodge.
Come on, we're almost there.
No, no, no, no, no.
The bath has to be for the dirty clothes.
Yes, Madam.
In you come.
Let's see if our toys are still there.
- Hand me the bath.
- I'll take care of that, sir.
No, no, it's fine. But let's hurry.
Cook will have finished packing
the kitchen
by the time you get back.
Hannibal, give them here.
Mama's pearls.
Pearls before swine?
Mischa, blow.
Shut up! Shut up!
The Major's here.
You are a Jew.
How could I eat your cooking?
Dispose of him.
How do you deal with locals,
being locals yourself?
You say you want to be SS,
let's see you earn it.
Kill the Jew.
Bring me the peasant.
Move! Move!
Move, you fat fucking Jew.
Move! Move!
- Are you a gypsy?
- No, sir.
Are you a Jew?
No, sir.
Good job!
Why don't you show us your dick?
Major! Russian tanks moving west!
Put all their food on the trucks.
Move it!
What's that?
- It's a tank, a Russian tank.
- Get away from the window!
Lothar! Russians!
Everybody out of the house!
We only want water.
The children can stay in the warm.
- Get them inside.
- Go, Hannibal. Look after Mischa.
Start the pump.
Wait here.
Mama! Mama!
- How much longer with the pump?
- A few minutes.
- Stuka! Stuka!
- Shoot! Shoot!
Stay down!
Papa! Papa!
No! No
Mischa! Mischa!
Mischa, go back.
- Go back, Mischa!
- Mama!
No, Mischa, go back!
Hurry! Hurry!
Come on, Grentz.
Kolnas, come on. Hurry!
Come on!
Get in the back.
Put it in the back.
Start the engine.
Start the engine.
I told you, Grutas,
we're going to die.
Relax. We're getting rich.
In. In, in, in. Go.
Grutas, isn't that the SS Major?
Major. Kill a few gypsies, you said.
Kill a few Jews,
and we'll make you SS.
If you had kept your word...
I would be saying
'yes, sir' to you now.
But now, I am in business for myself.
- Russians!
- The Russians. Move!
Go, go, go, go. Hurry!
The Commissar has ordered that
all soldiers found looting are to be executed.
They're shooting looters.
Stop and black out.
Come on!
- Put it down.
- Drop it now, you little fuck.
Put it down!
Or we shoot her.
- Give me that.
- Get the radio, Kolnas.
- Milko, check the kitchen.
- Fuck you!
I want Mama.
We're lucky, only kids.
If a patrol comes by...
...we saved them...
...and their family's stuff.
Grentz, check the door...
Pot Watcher...
Check upstairs.
Find some food.
...only rotten potatoes.
- Find something... try the Germans...
- It's breaking up.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
I need information, you idiot!
It's not a fucking toy!
Wait! I have found some
thing under Russian frequency.
Road blocks.
Every five kilometers
from here to Vilnius.
So... we are stuck for now.
- Did you get something?
- It's freezing out there.
Open it.
You think these are peppercorns?
These are frozen maggots.
This was rotten before it froze.
I'll put this in your head.
Stop it, Grutas.
The boy is Hannibal Lecter.
And the little girl is Mischa.
We eat or die.
Let's hear you, Little Master.
- He's mute.
- He's not mute at night.
He can scream well enough
and he'll sing.
This is not your father's house any more.
It's the People's Orphanage.
...and you're just one more orphan.
Lecter! I'll see you in my office.
Hannibal, you do not
honor the human pecking order.
Ганнибал: Восхождение

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