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Between the years when
the oceans drank Atlantis...
and the rise
of the sons of Arius,
there was an age
undreamed of,
when shining kingdoms
lay spread across the world.
Hither came Conan,
the Cimmerian, sword in hand.
It is l, his chronicler,
who knows well his saga.
Now let me tell you
of the days of high adventure.
- I think we made the merchant angry!
- Are you surprised?
But we didn't steal
everything he had.
We didn't have time.
Why aren't they trying
to kill us?
Maybe they want to capture us,
then torture us to death.
Conan, help!
- Do you know who I am?
- Taramis!
- Queen Taramis.
- Not my queen.
You have a queen?
But you are a Cimmerian.
The Cimmerian's
have no rulers.
You're a barbarian.
You live free in the world.
You owe allegiance to no one.
Is that not so?
It is,
and it always will be.
- What do you want?
- I need your help.
- No!
- No?
- You don't know what I'd be
willing to give if you help.
- You have nothing that I want.
You were praying, Conan.
What were you praying for?
Look at the shrine.
See what you
are praying for.
What is there, Conan?
Show me the desire
in your deepest heart.
Where is this Valeria?
With Crom.
- Your god?
- She sits by the side of my god.
What I want,
you cannot give me.
Yes I can.
You can bring back the dead?
Do as I ask of you,
and I will.
and remember.
Tell me what I must do.
Conan, look!
Doesn't that animal
look familiar?
I think it does.
I'm sorry about what
happened the last time.
They love us!
We will drink
to Dagoth,
the Dreaming God.
What do you want me
to do for you?
- That will bring back
the woman you love?
- Yes.
It is written
in the Scrolls of Skelos...
that a woman child born with a certain
mark must make a perilous journey.
It is her destiny.
My niece, Jehnna,
has such a mark.
-I want you to take her on that journey.
-To where?
Jehnna will show you.
From the day she was born,
she's been prepared for this.
There is a key
she must find--
a key only she can touch--
as it was written
in the Scrolls of Skelos.
- Where is it?
- In a castle.
- Guarded.
- By a wizard. Thoth-Amon.
- By a wizard?
- That frightens you.
You're afraid of magic.
And you will have
to deal with it.
- What good is a sword against sorcery?
- Then you're afraid to go?
I will find a way.
What does this
key unlock?
A treasure.
A jewelled horn.
Only she can procure it.
Only she can
lead you to it.
And when she has it,
you'll bring her
back to me.
Then you will have
your reward.
We shall both have everything we want...
through magic.
Shh. It's all right. Don't be afraid.
It's only a dream. It's only a dream.
- No! I saw--
- A dream. Jehnna, it was only a dream.
- Be still. Lie down.
- I-l saw it!
- No, you saw--
- I saw it again!
- You saw nothing. A nightmare.
- I did!
- Imaginings out of excitement.
- I did!
- Go back to sleep.
- I saw it again.
- Shh.
- I saw it. I did, I saw it.
Tomorrow, you'll start
your journey.
You'll need all your strength.
Your destiny is at hand.
All our destinies are at hand, even
Conan's, though he doesn't yet know it.
We don't need him,
my queen.
I don't need the Captain of the Guard
to steal a key.
That is a task
for a thief.
What I do need you for,
is to see that this dear child
is returned safely to the palace...
with both the treasure
and her virginity intact.
I will protect them both.
You better, my friend, for she must be
a virgin when she's returned to me...
so she can be
properly sacrificed.
One other thing, Bombaata.
It is not wise to have
the King of Thieves near the treasure.
So when the key
is in my niece's hand,
I want your sword
in Conan's heart.
Have the Elite Guard follow. They will
strike at the right moment to help you.
Conan must die.
Do you think
he's handsome?
Very ugly.
No, not him.
Can't you

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