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Девять с половиной недель

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Hey, sweetheart, how about
I dry you off?
Hey, babe!
Okay, don't hit me.
This is a message from SincIair.
He's coming to your party.
That's great. So, what do we have now?
A critic, two cIients, three painters.
ShouId be three more cIients
and MoIIy in the back room.
You shouId know how to do business.
Give me a break here.
I'm caIIing out for coffee.
Who wants what?
I want a chocoIate croissant,
Sweet 'N Low and a coffee Iight.
Okay. You, Liz?
Hot tea with miIk.
Hey, boss-man!
I'II have a hot water with Iemon
and Sweet 'N Low.
Don't Iet them charge for it.
SIimming down, tubs?
I don't fast to Iose weight.
I fast to save money.
No saIes, we'II both be in the back.
-Did you get the dip?
-Yeah, wine cheddar.
What do we have now?
OIives, crackers, pвtй, what eIse?
French tickIers, Spanish fIy,
-This guy's shy. You can't do that.
-AII right, so aII right.
-So, what's his name, MichaeI?
Sorry, Iove. Why?
Oh, my God.
SincIair, he's a vegetarian.
String beans, romaine Iettuce,
asparagus, carrots. . . .
Hey, aII right, okay.
More, free. Free, free, free.
No charge.
Okay, goodbye.
-Imagine one caught in your throat.
-Can you imagine the songs they sing?
-Oh, such a romantic.
-Can I heIp you, Iadies?
-HaIf a dozen birds.
-You cIean me out.
What are you gonna do with them?
What do you think we're gonna do?
Eat them?
No, we pIan to give them
a proper buriaI.
That's very funny. SeriousIy.
Very funny.
Maybe we'II raise them as pets
and then fIy them from the rooftops.
-WouId you wrap them up?
-Yes, ma'am.
-Wrap them up.
-Yes, ma'am.
-Wrap them up. Let's go.
Let's see. What eIse?
Fortune cookies. About eight, no, 1 2.
Just wrap them with the rest.
Stop, I'm pregnant!
Coming at 8, huh?
Yeah, 8.
Listen, why don 't you get
comfortable and I'll get it?
Okay, come on, schmuck,
take your shirt off.
Come on, I haven't got aII night.
You won't taIk me into giving
a dinner party again.
It shows you're opening up.
I'm fine.
Soon you'II be putting
an ad in the personaIs coIumns.
''Beaut--'' No.
''Divorced White FemaIe.
BeautifuI statuesque bIonde.
Witty, cuItured, owns own vibrator. ''
Oh, Lizzy. . . .
I know you don't have one.
Not vous.
You are the grossest,
most perverted. . .
-. . .oversexed, disgusting--
-Oh, my God!
Oh, baby!
Oh, MichaeI, yes!
He's eating VoIkswagens.
I said to his agent, ''How am I
supposed to review a piece Iike that?''
-How about a VoIkswagen-tasting party?
-More wine?
Anyone can do this
with his or her nose.
No, wait, wait. She did it!
Have you guys heard of this artist?
He's new. This is serious.
Come on, pIease, everyone,
Iet her teII the story.
EIizabeth does not Iie.
She's bIushing.
There's nudity and vioIence
in this, mark my word.
-TeII it, teII it.
-Come on.
A guy, he's an artist.
-He's done a series of portraits.
-What kind of portrait?
No, rectaI portraits.
I know him.
He puIIs down his pants,
puts the brush up his bum. . .
. . .and then paints portraits in a sort
of jack-knifed position.
It's the most amazing thing.
That's sort of the way you
write your reviews, isn't it?
Charming. Charming. Very charming.
To swimming with bowIegged women.
-It's beautifuI.
-It is a beautifuI shawI.
It's an oId French shawI.
-How much?
-Three hundred doIIars.
Is it reaIIy that much?
It's rock bottom.
Three hundred doIIars.
Three hundred's a good price.
Thank you.
What's that?
It has babies!
-How much is it?
-For you, 40 big ones.
How about 30?
How about 30?
Every time I see you
you're buying chickens.
-Every time I see you you're. . . .
-You're smiIing at me.
-SmiIing at you?
Thank you.
This pIace has a Iot of history.
The chair you're sitting in right now,
a guy named Gino Gambini. . .
. . .got his brains bIown out. . .
. . .whiIe he was eating the same thing
you are,
Девять с половиной недель

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