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Большой автобус

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Will members of the press
please get on the bus.
Will members of the press
please get off the bus.
Close it up, close it up.
Today, you're going to see history made.
Cyclops is the biggest project
of its kind ever undertaken by man.
It represents $12 million of capital
and years of research.
To fill you in on some details, here's
our Project Designer, Miss Kitty Baxter.
Thank you, Mr Ames.
This is indeed a proud day for all of us.
My father, Irwin Baxter,
is arming the nuclear engine
that will propel the mighty Cyclops.
- Here they are.
- All right, this is it.
- Radiation shield?
- Holding, Professor.
- Radiation level?
- Normal.
All right, gentlemen. Let's begin.
Hold entry!
I was afraid this might happen.
Scotty, would you mind?
Thanks, Scotty.
- Scotty, good work.
- Uh-uh...
...thus was born
the nuclear-powered bus.
My father and I are proud
to have brought Cyclops to Coyote.
It's fitting that Coyote Bus Lines...
- Pop!
- Cyclops!
Fire trucks are coming in
and slowing down.
They've stopped.
Firemen are getting off.
They're dragging hoses towards the
lab. They may put water on the lab.
Yes, they are definitely shooting water
all over the lab.
Watch it, you guys!
Hey! C'mon, let's get those rigs
outta here!
Break 'em up! Come on! Move 'em out!
A big explosion has hit
the lab at Cyclops Proving Grounds.
The emergency crews
are putting out the flames.
How will this affect history's first
non-stop bus from New York to Denver?
This is the latest unfortunate
event at Project Cyclops.
Still unexplained is the flood which
inundated the giant bus hangar.
Some suspect sabotage,
others say foul play.
Do dark forces want to slam the brakes
on this project?
My judgement is to leave
those answers to you.
We should only ask the questions.
Good bomb, huh?
An explosion happened.
They're trying to keep people away.
- Scotty, where's Dad?
- They took him over there.
You got a statement, Miss Baxter?
- Pop! Pop, are you...
- He can't hear you.
- Oh, my God.
- I can, too. I can hear her.
- Pop...
- I thought he was resting.
- We'd better get him to hospital.
- He can't be moved.
Any movement will endanger him.
- Give it to me straight, Doc.
- Take a look at this.
The explosion blew it across the room.
It's a St Christopher's medal.
It's dangerously close to the left ventricle.
- Get him to hospital.
- He can't be moved.
- What do we do?
- Sign this to relieve me of responsibility
for medical judgements.
- But you're a doctor.
- I intend to remain one.
Sign here, please. Also, right here.
- Professor!
- Wait a minute. It's all right.
Our Project Director, Shorty Scotty,
and his top assistant, Jack.
- How do you do?
- Scotty, what did we do wrong?
No, Professor. It was no accident.
Somebody planted a bomb.
- Who?
- What are you talking about?
- I know who left the window open.
- You blame me for everything.
- Is the bus OK?
- Yes, it's OK.
But we have a bigger problem.
We've no driver or co-driver.
Briggs' clutch foot is busted
and Ed's shifting arm's shot.
We'll just have to get
ourselves new drivers.
But only a genius can learn
a rig like Cyclops in two weeks.
- I know one man who can handle it.
- No, Pop, not him. Not Dan Torrance.
He's trouble, but he knows a lug wrench.
What happened between you is history.
We're talking buses now, girl.
I'm sorry, Pop. I can't do it.
Then I'm... pulling the chain on myself.
- Hey!
- No, no...
All right! All right, Pop.
If you want Dan, I'll get you Dan.
Thank you. Thank you, Kitty.
- It's all right. He's faking.
- Thank God.
Well, I'll be dipped. That's Torrance.
Watch yourself...
It's Torrance.
Give him room.
- What'll you have?
- Whiskey.
Drink up and get out, Torrance.
We don't want your kind around here.
Who's "we", Goldie?
Is that how you feel,
Большой автобус

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