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Неуловимые мстители

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Leaden rainstorms
Bring disasters upon us.
We carry on our shoulders
war and hardship.
The civil war is raging
all day long.
There are many paths in the fields,
But the truth is only one.
The Civil war is raging all day long.
There are many paths in the fields,
But the truth is only one.
To young heroes of the Civil war
Do you want to say anything?
Or ask for something?
Red dog.
The Uncatchable Avengers :-)
- Chieftain, protect us... The cow...
Robbers took the last cow!
- What did you think, you dumbhead?
That your freedom can be gained for free?
She suffered when she bore her children,
And now a new world is born,
and she wants it without pain.
You want it without pain?
- I have children, the last cow...
"Last"! And do you know, you stupid,
that today they took one cow from you,
and tomorrow they will return back ten?
- How can it be?
- Exactly so!
Whose cows were they? Whose?
The lords', the landowners'.
and now they will be yours.
All. Bulls, cows, chicken, pigs -
all will be yours.
- Give me back my cow!
- Wait, sister, we'll give it back.
We'll give everything back.
A free woman.
A citizen.
- So he was buried.
And in the morning they came there and saw:
The grave is dug up and the coffin is empty.
Since then whoever goes past
that cursed cemetery - a trouble happens.
- But people go there?
- No, only in daytime.
- But how did Petro go there at night?
- Did you hear?
Chief, look there!
- Oh my God, is that true?
- Of course!
- Ilyuha is lying!
- I couldn't believe myself,
but then looked around: the coffin
with the dead was flying above the gravestones,
and along the road were standing corpses with scythes.
And silence...
- Stop. Today you are doing better.
Only when you hit and throw,
push harder with your foot.
- Clear?
- Yes.
The last performance of an actor, lead singer
of the Emperor's Drama and Comedy Theatre!
Here were some clamorous markets,
in these lavish lands! And now...
Freedom. With our chieftain:
cheer up, folks! Gather in your bellies!
Everyone is trading and having fun!
No one is sleeping!
I will tell you, my dear: get everything from
your cellars, or they'll take it for free!
Hey, granny, look! This is the last
performance, I am only passing by.
Today I take the night horse and go
to my beloved city - Odessa.
The city of chestnuts and performers.
I am Buba Kastorsky,
the original performer,
I am singing patter songs,
And I sing them pretty good.
I am singing to my left,
I am singing to my right,
And nodody can sing it the way I do.
And why?
Because I am...
Buba Kastorsky, original performer!
There are gossips going around,
And I've heard from one old woman,
That early in the morning
you hear here and there: cuckoo!
And I am Buba Kastorsky, original performer!
I sing patters, and I sing them pretty well...
- And I see: my Nurka stands there,
and a paper on her horn, and it says:
"We give you back the cow, aunt Darya.
Don't be afraid of robbers,
and if they mess in again - they'll be dead."
- It is their sign: a cuckoo cries and
a rooster answers.
They say, Budenny himself invented that sign.
I swear by God.
They are coming...
And now, the blonde Josie!
This night will stay
forever in our memory.
This night of tamed and
burning heart.
You whispered me until dawn
So passionately and tenderly
that you will marry me.
The night passed,
and grey morning started again.
Again, the rain,
bad weather and fog.
The night passed,
And I can't believe
that my last romance ended this way.
More, more!
- What are you laughing at, stallions?
You've hit the boy and you're happy?
- Your father was more agile!
Are you hurt?
Well, let's go, lad,
have some kvass.
Do you think, lad, that Sidor the Terrible
does not feel sorry
for each orphaned child?
I do.
But this time is such
that we can't help it.
Do you know, how many of my friends
were killed by your father?
Неуловимые мстители

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