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M. Gorky Central Film Studio
Based on the story by
Gavriil Troyepolsky
Vyacheslav Tikhonov
V. Vladimirova, M. Dadyko
l. Ryzhov, l. Shevchuk
M. Zimin, G. Kochkozharov
R. Manukovskaya, M. Skvortsova
A. Barantsev, V. Leonov
L. Sokolova, A. Chernov
D. Barkov, R. Ryazanova
G. Svetlani, V. Sergiyenko
Music by Andrei Petrov
Sound by lgor Strokanov
Production Designer
Sergey Serebrenikov
Director of Photography
Vyacheslav Shumsky
Written and Directed by
Stanislav Rostotsky
Why are you looking? l'll be back
Stay, Lada! Stay!
Oh, lvan lvanych! Come on in!
- You were about to leave.
- Never mind, it can wait.
- How are you?
- Fine. Come in.
Thank you.
Come in and pick your choice.
There they are.
Lada, what's the matter? Good dog.
l don't mean any harm to you.
Don't be angry.
Lada, behave yourself!
- They take after father and mother.
- Pure breed.
- Yeah...
- Can't find any fault with them.
The elite.
Lada! Behave!
She feels what l came for,
that's why she's nervous. Lada!
Calm down.
No! No!
l'll have to take her out.
Come on, as long as you don't behave.
Stop it! Aren't you ashamed?
Take your time while l'll put her
on a leash.
Come here.
You said she had seven.
Right. l've already given away 3,
with 4 left.
Ah... l see.
Stop it, Lada! No!
l'll be right with you.
That's it, Lada. Don't strain.
Have some milk.
Calm down.
He managed to get out.
l should've drowned him right away.
All the signs of degeneration.
The damned albino!
How did he come about?
Sometimes they're born yellow,
but this happens once in a 100 years.
Disgracing all his forebears.
My wife wouldn't have him drowned,
and now it's too late.
We have to rid of him some other way.
Don't tell anyone, or the parents
will be ruined. l'll put him to sleep.
What else can l do? lf it gets known,
no one will take the puppies.
lt makes me sick just to look at him.
Go away!
l advise you to take this one.
Hasn't he got a fine coloring?
Take any of the four.
They'll all be medalists.
l guarantee it.
Bim! lt's me.
How do you like that!
Who did it?
Whose doing is that?
You rascal!
We got no one to clean here. And it's
hard for me to stoop. Where're you?
Come here!
Where're you? Come on, come here.
Let's talk.
Look for yourself...
You've torn the Bible for Believers
and Nonbelievers. Never touch books.
Not books. Listen to me, Bim!
Never touch books, or else! You got it.
Shame on you! Shame on you!
So you were interested in feathers.
lt's a pillow, not a grouse.
Oh, you've come to help me?
Go ahead. Good boy! Thank you.
No! Stop it!
Are you interested in my biography?
Hello there!
You feel lonely? l'm doing it for you.
Or you won't be let in a nice society.
All right, take it easy.
Listen to what l found in Sabaneyev's.
Given the fact
that the Setter originated
from an ancient breed of hunting dogs,
it is not surprising
that Setters perhaps represent
the most cultured, intelligent breed.
That's right. Let's go on.
Red Setters were also bred
by the court doctor Bers.
He crossed one of the bitches
with the Emperor's Black Setter.
l don't know what the puppies were
like and where they went.
But one of them was raised
by Count Leo Tolstoy.
You see, if you got your black ear
from the Emperor's dog...
All right, let's forget about
the Emperor.
Then you may come from the dog
of the world's greatest author!
Go to sleep! Sleep!
Everything will be all right.
Everything will be all right.
Search, Bim!
Why are you standing? Search!
You worked well today. Only you
must lie down when a bird flies up,
and you get excited and carried away.
You shouldn't.
You might get shot.
We'll get a pedigree certificate
and medals.
Who else should get them if not you?
You'll see.
You're a dog with an amazing scent.
- Am l intruding?
- No.
Now you made it clear to me.
l often see you in the meadows.

- 1980
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