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Aziris Nuna
It did it again.
Good morning, Kostik.
Good morning, chufufihiha.
Where do you know these words from,
you son of a desert jackal?
Wait a moment,
Im a desert jackal?
Forgive me for the
chufufiha, Mom,
I found it in the
Ancient-Egyptian textbook,
it means "archaeologists wife".
It's cool, right?
In ancient Egyptian that sounds like
Chufufe and Viha.
Work on your pronunciation, son.
Practically, it's better
than desert jackal.
Yes, it's me.
It cracked in front of you?
And what's inside?
No, dont tell anybody
for now.
Yes, Im coming now.
Looks like Dad
is about to invent
something again.
See, the other archaeologists
do what they are supposed to!
They dig up skulls and flower pots
but he wants to trace
extra-terrestrial civillizations!
Breakfast, boys!
let's discuss something
while the kids aren't here.
Just dont get nervous,
I think this is important.
Just dont tell me
you found an ancient
space device.
How do you know?
Well, you keep finding
them all the time.
Where this time,
if not a secret?
Tell me,
what do you know about the sphinx
head in the museum storage-room?
It was found in Egypt,
2 centuries ago.
Galya, wait.
And you sit.
Sit yourself.
The museum warden just called
and told me that the sphinx head
started cracking.
Seems like such a
great invention!
Dont be so quick to make fun of me,
inside there is...
Something made of metal!
And what do you plan to do?
What do you mean what,
we take a chisel and hammer
and go to break its head.
Wait, you are a scientist,
not some kind of vandal.
You understand that this head
is several thousand years old.
And whatevers hidden in it,
as you know,
is as old.
Dad isn't right!
A spaceship.
Thats right!
At the end, even if
it's not a spaceship.
There are no such finds
in archaeology.
Be more quiet, the kids are here.
Wipe yourself off.
You can start eating,
me and Dad
will go by the museum.
Yes, we have soemthing to do there.
But today is sunday!
And the park?
The cinema?
- No.
You promised!
- I'm sorry boys,
but not today.
If we promised.
Ok, eat breakfast, get dressed
and hurry up!
Come on, quicker,
before we change our decision.
You are always like this!
Seryoja, lets do it Monday!
At least think
where could it be?
By the way
I know where mom and dad hide
the storage keys.
Dad said
that in the storage room they
brought for restoration
the mummy of Nemenkhotep IV.
And you know what mummies look like.
We are scared already.
Yeah right.
Dont be scared.
Youll be with me.
I wonder how can a man
be restorated.
Hes not a man,
hes an exhibit  a mummy.
Like Lenin.
I think we are done for today.
Ok, repeat your
Ancient Egyptian,
brush your teeth and to bed.
Let's do the Ancient Egyption tomorrow.
I think we overdid it, Galya.
It's ok, theyll need it in life
Ok, go.
How do you say
in pharaoh language
"good night?".
Aziris nuna, mom.
Aziris nuna, dad.
Aziris nuna, kids.
Im the mummy.
You dont look like it.
I got the keys from the storage.
So, nuna?
Hey, dont shine on the pharaoh!
Should we go home?
Why do you behave like a kid?
You want me to turn it off at
the most interesting part?
Just dont get scared.
A little hole.
What are you doing,
cant you help me?
You stand here,
and I here.
You think it will?
Yes, I know what Im doing.
Come on, 3...
We must...
We have to go,
Thats it!
Wait, I forgot the flashlight.
I told you, dont get scared.
Ok, and whats this button for?
It works!
Come in here.
Its so cool!
The mummy came to life.
Enough already, ok?
Wheres your mummy?
Dum dum.
My school.
You think we just imagined it?
Hallucinations or our
eyes lied to us?
What was that?
We have to ask you!
We have to...
find our way around.
Theres an

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