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Фламандская доска

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Angeles. [Women Chanting: African ]
[ Doorbell Buzzing ]
Julia Darro?
Parcel for you.
Fuck me!
[ Speaking
Foreign Language ]
Julia, Max.
I'll, uh, see you later.
[ Sneezes ]
So, what's up?
I want you
to see something.
What is it?
It's a hidden inscription.
"Quis necavit equitem."
Who-- I wish I could
remember my Latin.
Who did something or other
to the horse...
or something.
Who did something or other
to the horse or something.
What horse?
- The chess piece!
-Oh, the knight!
Who took the knight?
Who took the knight!
I still don't get it.
No, me neither.
But I'm sure
it means something.
Who covered up
the inscription and why?
We could have
a great mystery here.
You and your intrigues.
Menchu, this could be
a very important discovery.
Relax, girl. Maybe Van Huys
just changed his mind.
Artists are always
painting over their stuff.
Yeah, maybe, but what if
someone else painted
over the inscription?
Then you'd have a mystery.
Let's do a stratigraphic
analysis and find out.
Have you any idea
how much that'd cost?
If we discovered a mystery,
it would increase the price
the painting brings.
Think of the publicity.
Be worldwide interest.
You'd be famous.
The Japanese love mysteries,
don't they?
A mystery?
I love a mystery too.
Uh, Julia, meet Paco Montegrifo,
director of Claymore's
auction house.
Ah, the hands that restored
the Reverte altarpiece.
- Careful. Turpentine.
- Oh, turpentine.
Now, about the Van Huys.
We're very excited about
The Chess Game.
Mmm. So are we.
- Is there something
I should know?
- Not yet.
Now don't be coy, Menchu.
We're partners in this.
Don't forget that
I'm selling the painting.
I have a right to know.
All in good time, darling.
Oh, Mick!
You two are up to something,
aren't you?
[ Woman ] You slut!
Baby, what did I do?
[ Julia ]
Who's that?
- Lola, the wife.
-Oh, Menchu.
Now say good-bye
to Senor Montegrifo.
Good-bye, Senor Montegrifo.
Can't wait to find out
about your mystery.
Do the stratigraphic
but don't tell anyone but me
the results.
Thank you.
Listen, I'm gonna need
to do some more research
on the painting,
find out who the people are,
that sort of thing.
Talk to Alvaro.
Flemish painting
is his speciality.
I don't think
that's such a good idea.
You don't still have your
knickers in a twist over him,
do you?
No, of course not.
So then whatever happened
in the past doesn't mean
you can't consult him...
on a professional
basis now, does it?
And then fuck him
for old times' sake.
[ Man ]
Cranach'sVenus and Cupid...
painted in 1 531.
An entirely new
and surprising theme,
which, in Northern
painting of that time,
was of an incredibly
audacious modernism.
Now, who can tell me
what's new here?
It's the first known use
of a classical,
rather than a religious theme
in Northern art.
Yeah, sure, that's right,
but I'm talking about
something else.
[ Students Laughing ]
Yes, Marisa.
What is it that you can see
in this painting that's new?
Could it be that she doesn't
have any clothes on?
[ Students Laughing ]
Exactly. She's naked.
Or to be more precise,
she's almost naked.
In figurative art, eroticism
appears as a relationship...
between clothing and nudity.
keeps her hat on.
If she were completely naked,
all erotic tension
would be lost.
Okay, that's all for today.
Thank you. Lights.
[ Clicks Switch ]
I need some information about
a painting I'm working on.
[ Sniffs ]
Linseed oil, turps.
Brings back old memories.
Van Huys.
Very good, Professor.
It's calledThe Chess Game.
Never seen it before.
Never even heard of it.
No, nobody has.
It's been in a private
family collection
for 500 years.
Menchu found it.
She's bringing it to auction
at Claymore's.
[ Whistles ]
Baby, you've hit the big time.
You sure it's the real thing?
Yes, absolutely.
Фламандская доска

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