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Somerset! Somerset!
Save him!
Lord Jesus, save me!
Did he die well?
Yes, he died well.
And now you are in his place.
As what?
As England's ruler, my Lord Duke.
What's that, my Lord?
In the last will of the King's late father,
Henry Vlll of famous memory,
the succession is quite clearly lineated.
The line of his eldest sister,
the Scottish line, ruled out.
one, his son, King Edward; two,
his elder daughter, the Princess Mary;
three, his younger daughter,
the Princess Elizabeth;
four... Frances;
daughter of his younger sister;
five, her daughter, Jane.
Surely an academic question. When
the young King is married, has a son...
Exactly. When the young King is married.
The question is, to whom?
Ride on, coachman.
Excuse me. I'm Dr Feckenham.
I'm from the Princess Mary.
- I have letters for the King.
- Out hunting. Catholics!
- And for my Lord the Duke of Suffolk.
- Him, too.
Is there nobody here to receive me?
My Lady Jane?
I am Dr Feckenham.
I am confessor to the Princess Mary.
I know.
How do you do?
You're not out riding?
Plato. In Greek.
It's not easy.
Don't you think so?
"The soul takes flight
to the world that is...
"but there arriving, she is sure of bliss
and forever dwells in paradise."
In his writing, Plato tells
of the death of Socrates,
condemned for spreading pernicious
religious doctrines to corrupt the young.
What conclusions do you draw?
If men believe things strongly,
they may die for them.
What would you be prepared
to die for, Lady Jane?
I would die to free our people from
the chains of bigotry and superstition.
What superstition did you have in mind?
For example, the idea
that a piece of bread
can become the body
of our Saviour, Father.
Did he not say at his Last Supper,
"Take, eat, this is my body"?
He also said,
"I am the vine, I am the door."
Was he a vine, a door?
Who has been teaching you
to say such things?
Don't you think
I could have thought them for myself?
I am sorry. Yes, indeed. You are quite
clearly a most remarkable young lady.
And while we will disagree
on many things,
it is a privilege to talk to anyone
whose love of learning shines like yours.
It is my only pleasure...
Dr Feckenham.
Oh. Mother.
How was the hunt?
Quite splendid, thank you, Jane.
So there you are.
Yes, Father. This is Dr...
- You should have been out with us.
- This is Dr Feckenham.
Of course, to go out with your family,
out riding, working up a sweat, fresh air,
it's altogether far too base
and brutish, isn't it?
Answer your father, Jane.
Mother, please.
You might think, Father, that
the first born of the House of Suffolk
might be considering her future
in her sixteenth year, you might think.
Instead of poring over books!
She could be... learning things
that might be useful to a husband.
Don't you think so, Doctor?
Henry! The King.
What were you reading, cousin Jane?
Plato! Good morning, Dr Feckenham.
Do you have the letters from my sister?
Her learning is an example to us all.
Your dancing measure, if you please.
- You know, my Lady...
- Yes.
It must be time to take your daughter
up to London. Show her at Court.
How old is she?
- Fifteen.
- There you are. Same age as the King.
She's been well educated.
That is very clear.
She can be... wilful.
She'll grow out of that.
And she has been brought up
in the reformed religion.
Then I foresee a glittering future
for your daughter, madam.
I had two brothers. Died.
In the same week.
Had a son.
Didn't reach six months.
Your handsome sons
with their lovely wives.
Yes, and I have a third son.
They must be such a joy to you,
John Dudley.
Three such fine...
upstanding sons.
One more, one more.
Come on.
Guilford, let's go.
A shilling on the eight.
- That was a seven.
- No, an eight.
That was a seven, damn you.
Merry Christmas.
Did you play with puppets

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