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igorertThe history goes all wrong.
Things went wrong as it were,
and turned to the worst.
In 199... there came the drill
workers to the Romanovsky village
and started drilling the oil well.
The locals made a riot
but they were quickly subdued.
They were shown a certificate,
with 4 state seals in it.
According to it,
the 13.5 thousand hectares
of the former
collective farm "Fatherland",
which was now divided
into minor farmsteads,
all the Romanovsky land
has been sold,
to whom no one knew.
This is how this injustice,
or even absurdity,
came about.
Such a shame...
Directed by
Petr Lutsik
Director of photography -
Nikolai Ivasiv
Production designer -
Andrei Bessolitsyn
Sound by
Vyacheslav Klyutchnikov
The chief consultant -
Leonid Rybakov
Yury Dubrovin as
Philip Safronov
Nikolai Olyalin as
Kolka Poluyanov
Aleksei Vanin as
Vasily Perfiliev
Aleksei Pushkin as
Panka Morozov
Rimma Markova as
Panka's mother
Victor Stepanov as
the oil baron
Anatoly Koscheev, Victor Venes
as the Lykov brothers
Aleksandr Vdovin
as Makhotin
Galina Zolotareva as
Makhotin's wife
Oleg Makshantsev as
Vyacheslav Kulakov as
Simavin's son
Come on, drink it, come on!
Then we'll go shoot
some hares and jackals!
Uncle, stop shouting.
I don't like that.
It's a nice rifle.
From the last war with the Germans.
A nice rifle indeed.
Only you must be really drunk,
Philip Ilyich,
to talk about jackals in our parts.
And there are no hares left either.
The drill workers dealt with them.
But the rifle is nice, really.
Maybe they didn't kill them all.
Maybe they left one for us.
The other day I saw tracks
on both sides of the river.
Come on, drink some.
Have some egg.
The blizzard is coming.
Come back, or we'll freeze!
What kind of hunting is this,
with all the beasts hiding...
Never mind the blizzard.
The smaller beasts hide
but the bigger ones still go out.
I wish I would just
freeze to death.
Uncle, the wolfs!
And you said
there were no wolves left!
Here I am!
Here I am, my darlings!
As big as life!
What happened to you, Fyodor?
I got chewed by the dogs,
Philip Ilyich.
In my old age, I got the dogs
unleashed at me.
We went to cut down dead trees
next to the brook,
and they set their dogs on Daddy.
They took our horse, too,
those drill workers.
The horse!
They harass the man
on his own land!
Hello, woman!
Give me your son!
What for?
Starting a riot again?
Do you want my Panya
killed alongside with you?
And that army of yours
is not that big!
However many there is,
they're all with us.
The rest of the villagers,
they hope to move to the city.
What kind of farmers are they,
damn it?
They wet their pants when asked
to defend their own land!
Besides, I'm not going
to riot. We're not bandits.
And we're not going,
despite some suggestions,
to hang the drill workers
upside down.
They're just
subordinate to someone else.
All I want is
to clear one thing out quietly.
How come our land got sold
without us knowing?
And who are the smart alecs
that sold it?
And we have our guns
just in case.
The times are rough, you know.
You too, Evdokiya, used to have
as much as 40 hectares
of pasture and meadows.
So, will you give us your son?
Or maybe you, Morozovs,
are going to the city too?
To some wretched factory?
Take him. Or he'll croak on
this stove-bench anyway.
Why should you need me?
I'll be just a burden to you.
And what kind of help can I be?
I've been sick for 2 months already.
Let me die in peace at home.
Why do we need him?
He'll be nothing but trouble.
It's ok, at least he'll
increase our number.
A bad sheep is better than nothing.
Don't worry,
you'll die on the road!
Remember, Philip Ilyich,
I'm giving you my only son!
Be strict with him but take only
smart risks and don't abandon him.
Dead or alive -
bring him back to me!

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