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Алиса здесь больше не живет

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[Bluesy romantic music]
ALICE: Wait. No, wait. I can do that better.
[Alice singing bluesy romantic song]
I can sing better than Alice Faye.
ALICE: I swear to Christ I can.
MOTHER: Allie!
[Dog barking]
Alice Graham, you get in this house...
before I beat the living daylights
out of you. Do you hear me?
You wait and see.
And if anybody doesn't like it,
they can blow it out their ass.
[Alice singing bluesy romantic song]
[Song echoing eerily]
[Door slams]
[Upbeat rock music playing loudly]
[Upbeat rock music
continues playing loudly]
DONALD: Alice!
DONALD: For God's sake,
do something about that kid!
Turn that damn thing down!
I'm sorry, Don.
[Music stops]
Now keep it off.
You're going to drive us deaf.
Do you want me to have a fight with him?
ALICE: How are we to have
a meaningful family relationship...
when he's on the verge of killing you
half the time?
And why do we have to have
Mott the Hoople 24 hours a day?
Maybe if I had a Kitty Kallen record.
Am I lucky?
I don't know. I'm an okay sort of person.
How did I get such a smart-ass kid?
You got pregnant.
The mouth. The mouth on him.
Honey, dinner will be ready
in about 30 minutes.
DONALD: Whatever you say.
You're the cook.
Come on and help me clear up the table.
What are you doing on the floor, kid?
Act like you got good sense.
TOMMY: Thanks a lot.
Harold wasn't home.
Good. You're just in time
for some peach shortcake.
DONALD: Let him finish dinner first.
ALICE: He doesn't want any more.
But he wants that old sugar crap,
don't he?
I hope this is good, now.
[Donald spluttering]
Alice, what the hell have you done
to the coffee?
I didn't do anything to the coffee.
Doesn't it taste good?
It tastes like hell.
Mine tastes all right.
Oh, God, it's salty.
-You think that's supposed to be funny?
-What do you mean?
You know what I mean.
What the hell did you do to the sugar?
Don't lie to me, boy.
It's not sugar. It's salt!
ALICE: Donald!
DONALD: That's okay, boy.
That's okay. You run.
I'll save it for you. When you get back,
you're going to drink it!
See how you like it.
Alice, if you'd show a little respect
around here, it just may rub off on him.
[Alice exclaims in exasperation]
Socorro sucks!
[Upbeat instrumental music]
Watch your head.
GROCER: You're sure laying the money out
for meat. Company coming?
No, my husband hates me.
I'm trying to get him
to chase me around the bedroom.
Tommy, do you want to give the thanks
this evening?
No, thank you.
Father, make us truly humble
and thankful...
for these and all the other blessings.
We realize that all good things
come from you.
In the name of Jesus, we pray. Amen.
I made the lamb the way you like it.
-Is it good?
-It's okay.
Irene Payson got back from Denver today.
Said she had a real good time.
[Mimics Donald]
She did? Well, what all did she do?
Let's see. She went to visit her family.
Then she went to this mountain resort,
and she did a whole lot of shopping.
Do you like it?
I hate lamb.
[TV chattering]
What are you watching?
I don't know.
Is it a movie?
Looks like one to me.
Is it any good?
I don't know. I just turned it on.
BEA: Don't move.
ALICE: You make me laugh.
BEA: Sorry.
Don't make it too tight.
I got to be able to sit.
BEA: Don't I know? I know.
ALICE: All right.
I thought he was going to kill Tommy
this morning. I really did.
Yeah, I heard him yelling.
He sure sounded mean.
He's not mean. He's just....
You know, he gets so....
I don't know.
He just gets so loud sometimes.
I sure couldn't live without
some kind of man around the house.
ALICE: I could.
BEA: And neither could you.
Yes, I could. Easy.
-No, you couldn't.
Could be just as happy
if I never saw one again, ever.
Of course, it might be different if I ever,
you know....
If I met a man like Robert Redford,
that could be different.
Алиса здесь больше не живет

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