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Hey, boy.
All right.
Come on, Rowdy.
Whoa! Think that's a bear in there?
It's only a rabbit.
You ain't never even seen a bear.
Whoa. You got some imagination
on you for a horse. Come on.
"Total points each varsity season."
"Greatest strength."
"Most memorable game."
"200-word essay"?
Bridle itches you, huh, boy?
Hungry, huh?
Look, I don't got any carrots.
I said, I don't got any.
You got that carrot detector
working full blast, don't you?
Way you're jumping these days, nobody'd
ever believe you were a cow horse.
We'll ride some more
when I get back from school, OK?
- Hey, Mace?
- Yeah, here.
Hey, Mace, what happened
to your 50 points before breakfast, man?
I got to do this instead today.
You'd better get changed for school
if you're gonna make it.
Doing what instead?
It's a questionnaire for...
I ain't gonna shout, you come in here.
I'm changing. You told me to change.
Well, when you're done changing, genius.
That's changed?
Can't you tell school pants
from riding pants?
- You'd better get yourself washed, Tex.
- Yeah, yeah.
What do you want to go
to Indiana for, anyway?
One, they got the best basketball team
in their conference, if not the Midwest.
Number two, it's not in Oklahoma.
And number three,
I got a shot at a full scholarship.
- Are we defrosting?
- Just broke.
It's cold in here, too.
It's turned off.
I haven't paid the gas bill in a while.
What happened
to all that money we made last summer?
Oh, I blew it all
on a fun-filled week in Acapulco!
What the hell do you think happened to it?
Food for us, food for Rowdy and Toyota,
electric bill.
How far do you think a couple
of hundred bucks is gonna stretch?
Well, Pop's coming back soon,
now the rodeo season's almost over.
Well, that's been another big help, Pop
sending home all that fabulous money.
- He did, Mace.
- Four months ago.
That's not so long ago.
He's only been gone for five.
You'd better go
if you're gonna make the bus.
I'm gonna ride with Johnny. Don't worry,
Pop's coming back. See you in school.
Hello, Tex.
Go! Let's move it!
You're supposed to meet me out on
the road. I'd like breakfast too, you know.
Let's go.
- Tex, you left your books behind.
- Hey, there's your sister.
Cole said to tell you to be home by four
to help him flush his radiator.
I was gonna go out to the gravel pits today.
I'll flush out your radiator, baby!
Hey, Tex.
Ugh, I think his horse needs a bath again.
Oh, no, see, that's just me.
I'm a quarter horse by birth.
Yeah? I know which part, too.
See ya.
That sister of yours is pretty.
She must be a pain
to have around the house though.
We was all thinking of pitchin' in
and buying her a dog to be mean to.
Tomorrow we'll be talking about Paterson.
the epic poem Williams
wrote about his hometown in New Jersey.
Which, who knows, may inspire one of you
to write an epic about Bixby.
Now, before you all race away for lunch,
let me remind you that your book reports
are due on Friday.
And Tex McCormick, I don't want to see
another report on Smokey The Cowhorse.
- You've done it twice already.
- Yeah, but I read it both times.
- Read another book by the same author.
- You mean that guy wrote another book?
- In the library.
- Oh, wow.
See you later.
Way to go, man!
Hey, Mace.
- Ah, the heat's back on.
- I went down and took care of it.
Good. Sure wasn't looking forward
to burning up the furniture.
You left school early today, huh?
You feel all right?
Yeah. I just cut the afternoon.
Mr. Supergrand cut a day's school?
I guess that makes it OK for me to cut,
I guess it don't.
So, did you go fishing?
No, I didn't go fishing.
I'm gonna go out the back
and get Rowdy and Toyota some oats.
If they don't get fed pretty soon,
they're gonna tear down the fence.
They ain't there.
If they're out in the pasture,
I'd better get 'em in.
- I sold 'em.
- No, you didn't.
Yeah, I did,
and I got a good


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