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Aunt Anna!
Aunt Anna!
Aunt Anna!
I've come.
Why are you screaming?
Mikolka, what has happened?
She is lying as if she were alive
and does not say a word.
Forgive us, forthe God's sake.
Forgive us, mother!
Do forgive!
She never drank a drop.
But always used to take a bottle.
How she loved me,
Have you sent a telegram to Pasha?
I asked the duty postman
he promised to give a call to the district.
Where is he working?
- He is an actor in a theater.
- In the biggest theater. He is an actor.
Will such a jackass come at all?
He does not have a single coin in his pockets.
He works in the theater and lacks the money.
Will the priest come here?
It is warm. Do not look.
He will not come.
He will not go to such a faraway hole.
Well, if he does not come, let it be so.
We'll take care of the business ourselves.
And you, my Anna, are lying here
and you will miss your pension.
So will we.
For last three months.
- Have we received anything?
- So she won't get it anymore.
She does not need it anymore.
She does not need it.
We'll write to the mayor. They do not have the right.
- How she loved me!
- Well, that's enough.
Who will bury us?
There is only Mikolka left.
Just one man.
They'll find a way, they will.
- We'll bury you in the old women's corner.
- Ok, that's all right.
every custom has been observed.
Everything is proper.
- She lived a difficult life.
- Do you mean Anna?
- She never complained to us.
...Yes, yes.
Oh, our Lord, oh, the Holy Cross
forgive us.
Oh, our Lord, oh, the Holy Cross
forgive us.
Oh, our Lord, oh, the Holy Cross
forgive us.
Eternal memory.
And the Holy Kingdom to you!
Is this Fedka?
He has not forgotten us!
Fedka is coming!
- Finally!
- Well, comrade...
At ease!
Oh, my dear!
Oh, my sweetie!
Oh, my sweetie!
Fekla! Come on!
Oh, come on, honey!
Ah! Fine!
- Excuse me, anyway.
- Dear, never mind.
The funeral is so awkward.
But I do not have a single soldier.
And constant checks, checks all the way!
Russia! Mother!
I'm your son!
Oh! A present!
- My grandson!
- What's up?
- Who are you?
- Who am I? Ajerk in the hay!
Who has sent a telegram about
Grandma's death? Or is she alive?
Oh, God forbid! Pashka, is that you?
Oh, Lord, how robust
you have become with that food in Moscow!
Why should I refuse?
He sings so well!
Sing, Pasha!
Sing, Pasha!
- It's inappropriate.
- I say, sing.
Fedor, but it is inappropriate.
You know, I will not leave you alone
That's all.
Did I say that?
I passed the whole thing over intact and whole.
You'd rather visit
the graveyard, jackass.
I'm on my way.
Now what?
Mikola, will you see me off?
- When should I drive you back?
- Tomorrow.
To the Moscow train.
The Moscow one.
Ok, ladies,
do not miss me too much.
See me off!
See me off to the graveyard!
Go! Have you forgotten
where the graveyard is? It remains where it used to be.
He has gone nuts in his Moscow.
Mikola, take him to the graveyard,
he forgot where it is.
He used to be a dumbass, and still remains a dumbass.
Well, this is all the land
that a man needs!
That's all.
A man lives on and suddenly dies.
Mikola, do you remember
we played the Timur scout team in that hut?
You were small at that time.
And we stayed overthere for nights.
Moms were looking for us all overthe village,
and were afraid to go up there. Remember?
Do you visit the place?
No one is looking for me.
Not for me as well.
No one is looking for me.
What a good snack marinated cabbage is!
Looks well on the table
and cheap enough for all the quests.
Are your eggs rotten?
Smell yours!
You've gone nuts!
The hens lay eggs daily.
What a jerk!
Here you are!
- Hot chocolate to him!
- Pour a glass!
Pour, pour!
What's up! Pour! That'll do!
Oh, fine!
Fine booze.
Let's remember Anna in our prayers.
She was a kind soul.
Rest in peace.
How she loved me!
Come on, come on. Hot

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