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12 разгневанных мужчин

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I will kill you!!!
...and that concludes the court's explanation
of the legal aspects of this case.
And now jentlemen of the jury I come to
my final instructions to you.
Murder in the first degree,
premeditated homicide is the most serious
charge tried in our criminal courts.
You've listened to the testimony, you've had the law
read to you and interpreted as it applies to this case.
It now becomes your duty to try to
separate the facts from the fancy.
One man is dead.
The life of another is at stake.
I urge you to deliberate thoughtfully and honestly.
If there is a reasonable doubt, you must
bring me a verdict of not guilty.
If however there is no reasonable doubt,
you must, in good conscience,
find the accused guilty.
Whatever your decision,
your verdict must be unanimous.
In the event that
you do find the accused guilty,
the bench will not entertain
a recommendation for mercy.
Bear in mind that he could face
the death penalty.
I don't envy your job, you're faced
with a grave responsibility jentlemen, thank you.
Can I get a couple of you jentlemen to help
me pull those two tables together please?
Hey, get some windows open man.
- Piece of gum?
- No, thank you.
- Bad news.
- What?
You see the Weather Report?
This is the hottest day of the year.
You'd think they could have air-conditioned
the place, you know?
- I don't wanna drop dead in court... Piece of gum?
- Yeah!
OK, gentlemen. Everybody's here.
You want anything, I'll be right outside the door.
Just hit the button 'n' I'll come right in.
I never knew they locked the door.
They always lock the door brother.
What'd you think?
I don't know. It just never occurred to me.
- Hey, what's that for?
- I figured we might wanna vote by ballot.
That's a great idea. We might be able
to get this boy elected senator.
- Well, how'd you like it?
- I don't know. It was pretty interesting.
- Yeah? I'm falling asleep.
- What I mean is, I've never sat on a jury before.
I've sat on juries.
One thing that always amazes me is how these lawyers
can talk and talk, even on a case as obvious as this one.
- I've never heard so much talk about nothin'.
- Well, I guess they're entitled.
Oh sure, everyone's entitled to a fair trial, I'd be
the last one to say a thing against that, but...
sometimes I think, we ought to take these tough kids
and just slap'em down, before they start trouble.
- It would save a lot of time and money.
- Mr. Foreman, would d'ya say, we get started here?
Yeah, let get this over with, we
probably all got things to do.
We might as well take a five minute break.
There's a man in the bathroom.
Are... we sitting in our own way?
So what do you think about the case?
I enjoyed it. No dead's bus,
you know what I mean?
We were lucky to get a murder case.
I figured us for an assault or a burglary
or something like that.
These can be dull...
Hey, can you imagine, sitting in
here for three days just for this?
Yeah, how about that business with the knife?
I mean, expecting normal people to
believe that kind of bullshit.
Well you gotta expect that. You know
what you're dealing with here.
What's the matter? You cold?
Well, I can hardly touch my
nose, you know what I mean?
Your horn's alright.
Try your lights.
Ahh, this is beautiful! The air
condition that doesn't work!
Somebody take a letter to the mayor.
Dear stingy...!
I didn't get a chance to see the papers
today. Anything new going on?
I was just wondering
how the market closed.
I wouldn't know.
You're in exchange or something?
No, no, I'm a broker.
Really? I run a messenger service,
The Beck and Call Company.
My wife's idea. We employ 37
people. Started from nothing!
Come on, Mr. Foreman, come on,
what do you say, let's go here!!!
Alright jentlemen, let's take seats.
This better be fast, I got two
tickets to the ball game tonight.
Yanks and Cleveland. We've got
this new kid Modjelewski in there.
12 разгневанных мужчин

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