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- Morning.
- Hiya.
- You look great.
- Thanks.
- Are you ready?
- Hey, I was born ready.
- Who knows that better than you?
- I hope no one.
You know, the amazing thing is,
I' m not even nervous.
You just put your garbage in my car.
Hey, Hunt. Today is the big day.
Give 'em hell, boy.
- I' ll give it to 'em.
- We're counting on you.
Mrs Barnyak, this face is on the case.
- God bless.
- Thank you.
If I screw this up, this town is dead meat.
- But you're not nervous.
- No. I' m not.
Oh, god.
You are all weak.
That is why you have been sent here.
Your bosses find you lazy
and without confidence.
Hold on, Hunt, my man.
On his way to japan!
- Hey, Hunt!
- Next stop japan, buddy.
Take a taxi.
You look real good.
I' m glad they sent you,
not some city council gumhead.
Yeah. And, Hunt,
don't eat any raw shit, ok?
- Wish me luck.
- Go get 'em.
I need assan motors.
Assan motors. Like I' m driving.
So I get on the train, and here I am.
Guy says to me, "get on the bullet train."
So, I get on the bullet train...
...l'm in a rice-field.
...the guy said, "go that way."
Then the other guy said, "go that way."
Now I don't know. Should I go that way?
Thank you very much for everything.
I have learned a lot.
I was a bad executive.
I' ll be a good one.
I have three children
and a wife to support.
Please, let me pass.
You are not ready.
You will stay two more weeks.
Excuse me. Yo, whoa, baby.
Jeez. Sorry, I didn't mean
to interrupt you.
I' m looking for assan motors.
Anybody know where that is?
I' m really lost.
I don't have a clue where I am.
Am I still in japan?
- You must want executive building.
- Right.
You are in the wrong place.
Ok, where's the right place?
One block over.
Ooh, guess who got out of the wrong
side of the bed this morning?
- Nice ribbons.
- Those are ribbons of shame!
I' d wear 'em on the inside if I was you.
Thanks a lot.
Excuse me, you got spit right here.
On the corner of your mouth.
Get the other... it's on the other...
thanks a lot.
Hiya, fellas.
Or, as you say...
...Hunt Stevenson, right here...
ok. Hey, where do I put the screen?
I got a screen here.
Whoa! Let me just
set this down over here.
Don't really need it,
after I lugged it about 14,000 miles.
Don't worry about it.
I am crazy for your country.
I mean, I love it.
My dad was here with the army,
I guess it was 1940...
did you decorate this place yourselves?
'Cause it's damn nice.
It's... real oriental kind of a feel to it.
- Do you speak english? I' m just curious.
- We all speak english. Continue, please.
We may as well get started,
I know you guys have...
...a long day of... staring ahead of you.
Where are the lights?
Jesus. Ok, here we go.
This is hadleyville.
There's the factory.
It's been there 35 years.
It's been closed down
the past nine months,
but two years ago, it was completely
retooled. I tell you, it is in great shape.
Whoa, how did that get in there?
Yikes! Whoops!
That's hazel lockwash.
Hazel's unit was responsible
for putting out over...
...a hundred thousand
car engines in one year.
And I think the key word
here is "put out".
Putting out. Ok.
This is... that's...
can you turn the lights on?
Look, here's the deal.
Two years ago, the underwear factory
closed down in hadleyville.
This was a bummer because you
could get underwear there really cheap,
good underwear, too, not the kind where
the elastic comes out and rubs your butt.
That leaves the auto factory.
The auto factory, then,
employed everybody in town.
Everybody owed their living,
in some way, to that factory.
These people worked really hard.
Then the factory closed.
If you come and open up that factory,
these people will work harder for you.
I tell you, this is a great town,
these are great people,
and I' m willing to do anything I have to do
to get that town back on its feet.
That's my story. I' m sure you have
a lot of questions.
So, go crazy.

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