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Committee on Cinematography of
the Russian Federation Government
in association with
"Lenfilm" Studio
Metal Works
Hey, Granddad, what's the matter?
Go on, Savelyich!
- Go where?
- This way. Where else?
This way?
No need for me to go there.
No, guys, l don't want to go there.
l'm retired as of this day.
Make way! Are you crazy?
For 40 years l've dreamt of this
morning when l reach that damned thing
and stop,
then turn and go back.
Thank God l've lived
to see this day.
Every day, like some cattle,
turning my lathe on in the morning,
turning it off in the evening...
That's it. What are you staring at?
Feel envious?
You all are going there
and l...
You see that?
l am going now
to take a tram,
an absolutely empty tram.
lt's packed full when coming in,
but from here l can take
any seat, front or back.
l'll sit comfortably,
looking out the window.
l've never before
ridden in an empty tram.
Hold him. lt's his heart.
First aid post? Send a doctor to
the gate. A man isn't feeling well.
l'm not going there, l don't want to.
l've slaved away my share. That's it.
- They'll serve in Russia.
- Only in Russia?
They won't be sent to hot spots?
- No, they won't.
- They won't?
Kolia, what if they kill you?
Hot spots are all over nowadays.
- They're fighting everywhere, Kolia...
- Everything will be all right.
What's the matter with you, sis?
l'm no sis to you, Kolia!
l... l love you, Kolia.
l've been in love with you since
l was a child.
l've been loving you all my life,
Get in the trucks!
Greetings to you, Kolia.
We have received your letter.
We all read it. We're happy
that everything's all right with you.
We hope it'll always be this way.
Kolia, l'm taking choreography
lessons at the House of Culture.
And English lessons too,
at the free of charge courses.
Father teaches me to play the piano.
lt's fun to try everything, isn't it?
Your mother and my father
live very well.
He organized a folk instrument
orchestra at our dormitory.
He doesn't drink as much as before,
your mother won't let him.
He says: ''l'm the director of
amateur talent activities,
l'm an artistic person,
l need to let the steam off!''
Can you imagine?
Our guys love to play with Father,
they respect him.
l'm thinking of you all the time.
l'm imagining you've come back home,
walking down the corridor.
l run out, but there's no one there.
l mean, someone's always hanging
about the dormitory, but not you.
Remember how we went to the movies
having only one ticket?
You hid me under your raincoat,
so little l was.
l don't know why l remembered that.
Andrei Samsonov drinks
just awful!
But sometimes he's sober during
the day.
Then he plays with Petya.
He really loves his son.
But every night he gets drunk
almost to death.
Tamara yells at him, scolds him,
even beats him, but he doesn't care.
''We're the commandos'', that's all
he says.
And Petya has grown up, he already
knows the letters, l taught him.
And we play checkers with him.
You write that your service goes well.
That the boys are good, that
you have warm, friendly relations.
lt's great, Kolia.
They say the soldiers' friendship
lasts for life.
Vladimir Petrovich can't forget
his wife.
lt's been 14 years since she went
to buy bread and never returned.
People saw a middle-aged woman
collapse by the bread shop
and carried away by an ambulance,
but where to, nobody knows.
He himself can't walk after he fell
from a cliff while mountain-climbing.
His wife had disappeared,
and they never had children.
He hasn't walked since he fell
down the precipice 20 years ago.
We all take care of him,
he's so old and lonely.
Kolia, don't be angry with me, but you
made 12 mistakes in your last letter.
''Domitory''. Shame on you!
And Vera is still waiting
for her Sergey.

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