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Алиса в Стране Чудес

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After the eponymous tale of Lewis Carroll
Alice in Wonderland
Part One
The author of this tale Lewis Carroll
well known mathematician, logician, linguist
He wrote it in the middle of the last century during
walkabouts near Oxford on the banks of river Thames.
He wrote it because little girls, his nice friends,
asked him to.
Lewis Carroll wrote a strange tale: everything in it is like
in a tale yet not at all like any other tale.
And so:
Alice got bored sitting idle on the riverbank.
She looked into a book, but there were no pictures
or conversations in it.
Alice's thoughts flew slowly and free.
She was getting drowsy because of the heat.
I'm late! My God, how late i am! The Duchess will be furious.
Simply furious!
Only now Alice realized she had never before seen a rabbit with a pocket watch
and, moreover, with a waistcoat.
Burning in curiosity she ran after him.
Oh...if i fall, then i fall...
and falling down the stairs is now
small potatoes for me
my folks will think i'm really courageous.
i wouldn't whine even if i fell off the roof.
Either the well was very deep or Alice was falling very slow,
and she had enough time to come to her senses and to think
about what will be next.
Excuse me, sir, would you tell me
how much have i flown already?
I'm probably approaching the centre of the Earth.
That is, i think, about 4000 miles downwards.
And what if i fall through the whole Earth?
That will be fun! People are walking heads-down there,
what were they called? Antipati...it seems..no!
No, yes - antopodes!
Alice kept falling and falling...Dinah will be looking for me
whole evening, she thought.
Dinah was her cat.
Oh, Dinah, what a pity you're not with me.
Albeit, there are no mice in the air. But there's plenty of gnats.
Do cats eat gnats? Do cats eat gnats? No, do gnats eat cats?
Oh, my whiskers! My poor ears! Duchess won't forgive
being late. She'll be furious!
Remembering it afterwards, Alice thought she had to be surprised.
But at that time everything seemed completely natural to her
and Alice darted after the white rabbit.
But white rabbit was nowhere to be found.
Alice found herself in long hall.
Alice decided this key was from a door. But alas!
Either the lock was too big, or the key was too small
and she could not open this door.
To Alice's great delight, the key fitted this door.
Oh, how she wanted to get out of here!
But she couldn't even stick her head through the hole.
And even if head did get through - of what use? Who needs
head without shoulders?
Drink Me.
Alice knew that various bad things had happened to children
simply because they didn't want to observe three rules.
These were simple rules:
if you hold hot poker in your hand for too long, you'll eventually get burned.
If you cut finger too deeply with a knife,
it usually starts bleeding.
And if you drink bottle labeled "Poison" the sooner or later
you'll almost certainly feel bad in the stomach.
The last rule Alice remembered well. Having made sure there were no
labels in the bottle, Alice drank from it.
Oh, strange feeling. I'm probably folding like a telescope.
Eat Me.
Alise saw her legs running down...one more moment
and they'll be out of sight!
Good-bye, my legs! My poor legs!
Who will draw socks and shoes on you? And what will be do
without each other?
Oh, well, i'll send them new boots as a present.
Excuse me, sir!
You only think what a strange day this is! Is this me or not me?
It seems, this is not exactly me. That's so complicated!
So, let's try to remember geography.
London is capital of Paris. Paris is capital of...Rome.
No, it's not that.
Better try to recite poems.
Here's the house what was built by a bug.
And this is singer who is kept in a dark chamber
and a house what was built by a bug.
And this is cheerful empress who frequently bites the singer
who is kept in a dark chamber...in the house what was built by a bug.
It's completely not right words...
So is
Алиса в Стране Чудес

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