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Тайна железной двери

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ENDGorky Central Film Studio
for Children and Youth
Based on the story by Y. Tomin
"A magician in Town"
Written by
Alexander Reyzhevsky
Directed by
Mihail Yuzovsky
Director of Photography
Vitaly Grishin
Production Designers:
L. Besmertnova, A. Vagichev
Music by Vadim Gamaleya
Lyrics by E. Agranovich
Conductor V. Vasilyev
Alisa Freindlikh, Oleg Tabakov,
Savely Kramarov, Yuri Uspensky
Also starring:
Tolik - Evaldas Mikalunas,
Mishka - Andrei Harybin,
Mitka - Mitia Yuzovsky,
The magician - Sergey Evsunin
Dear citizens,
please observe traffic regulations!
Do not let children play
on the road!
Do not allow children to travel
sitting on steps and bumpers
of buses, trolleybuses,
trams and cars!
Remember that adults
are responsible for children!
I've just been to the bakery. I'm in
a hurry. I'm looking after my mom.
She hasn't been able to get out of
bed in 3 years. And dad's in hospital.
He also works for the police.
He was injured by criminals.
- Last name?
- Whose? The criminals'?
Your father's.
My father's? My dad's?
Thank you.
Go, Pavlov.
Tolik! Where have you been?
Your mom's been looking for you!
And running around the courtyard.
She even climbed up into the attic!
990-thousand and one
990-thousand and two
990-thousand and three
990-thousand and four
990-thousand and five
What are you doing?
990-thousand and six,
990 thousand and seven.
- Is there another exit in here?
- 990 thousand and eight.
Are you deaf?
990 thousand and nine.
I can hear you fine. Don't bother me.
9, 10, 11, 12.
Now I'll show you,
you'll get to one million right away.
And how do I get to it?
One million is precisely what I need.
A million what?
A million boxes. Then there will be
enough for my whole life.
Are you collecting them?
Leave that box! It's mine! It's mine!
Leave that box!
Leave that box!
Leave that box!
Leave that box!
So, what is your mother ill with?
His mom is fine. You know, just now
she was rushing about the courtyard.
You've made a mistake.
That's not him.
Come with me.
- What's your friend's name?
- Pavlov.
- That's what he said.
- You're free to go.
So, Pavlov, tell me, where did you
learn to lie so well?
- Why lie?
- Because your name is not Pavlov.
- So what is my name?
- You're about to tell me.
See? Now you're telling the truth.
I can see it right away.
- What time does your mom go to work?
- At about 2.
Your mom goes to work at about 2.
Your mother? The one who's dying?
I didn't say she was dying.
He made it up!
I only said that she hasn't got out
of bed in three years.
That's all.
So, she goes to work lying in bed?
- What's in your hand?
- Nothing!
- Do you smoke?
- No, I don't smoke! I swear!
I believe you this time. You like
lying, but you're not good at it.
Though you can cross the street
properly, but you don't like it.
- Now tell me where you go to school.
- I promise I won't anym...
- Please.
- No, after you!
He broke the public peace and order.
He gave such a concert!
You could hear him
from the next district!
Captain, why are you so sad?
- Captain, captain, smile...
- Zaytsev.
You are at the police station,
not at a friend's birthday party.
And if a friend suddenly turned out
to be not a friend, not an enemy but...
- Stop mocking.
- Laugh clown!
- Zaytsev.
- What?
You're like a dragon-fly out of a
fairytale, constantly singing.
You promised me you'd find a job.
That's right. And maybe I've been
looking for a suitable job for days.
Maybe my hands want to work.
These are working hands!
They call them golden hands!
Listening to you is like listening
to a white dove.
I really would like it if you did
become a white dove.
Is that your dove?
No. I swear!
Where's he gone?
He left. Capture him!
I want the policeman to be taken
back to the police station.
So maybe
they really are
I want ice cream!
Тайна железной двери

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