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In great Novgorod there was Sadko, a troubadour.
Sadko didn't have any belongings except a maple zither,
which was not ordinary but magic.
And as soon as Sadko touches the strings,
as soon as beautiful hear him
peace is gone for ages.
But Sadko laid his eyes on Chernavushka.
Nice Chernavushka and Sadko, the troubadour.
[they] played and [they] sung, [they] touched the hearts...
And as Sadko, the troubadour,
as he started to play maple zither,
merchants of Novgorod heard Sadko [playing]
and rich Novgorod guests.
They began to entice Sadko,
they began to bring Sadko [to their homes]
not a day without an invitation to feast.
Rich ones ate at feast and drank
they boasted over what they owned.
One boasts over endless money
other boasts over young wife
third boasts over his merchant's skill
fifth boasts over his strength.
But sixth said such words:
You, merchants, boast about small things.
Listen to Sadko, the troubadour.
There's no greater master in the world.
Here offence fell into Sadko's heart.
I don't want to serve as amusement at feast
so that I was likend to stupid bird, stupid overseas bird.
One day Sadko isn't called to feast
another day Sadko isn't called to feast
and third day he isn't called to feast.
Then Sadko fell sad.
Water on the lake calmed down
Sand swirled up in the water.
King of the Sea himself showed up.
And said to Sadko such words:
Wonderful wonder, muraculous miracle,
In all my life I haven't heard such play.
Give me, Sadko, your zither.
I'll pay you for it much money.
You will be richer than anyone in Novgorod.
Don't listen, Sadko, to this smooth-tongued speech,
Dont give your zither to Sea King.
But Sadko [said] her: Don 't be afraid, Chernavushka.
I have to repay my offenders.
And Sea King says to Sadko:
Sadko, put your head on wager
that you will thrown net into Lake Ilmen.
You will pull out a fish with golden scales.
Then you, Sadko, will repay for your great offenses.
There severe Sea King remembered his
unbreakable word [promise]
Rewarded Sea King Sadko with a fish,
not ordinary - with a golden scales.
Wonderful wonder, miraculous miracle
Sadko won his great wager.
Don't fall in love with a coin. Coin has no heart.
Then Sadko started to trade in
and received great profit.
He began to be ashamed of his friends,
He began to boast over his wealth:
Oh, merchants of Novgorod,
Oh rich ones of Novgorod
you are nothing compared to me.
I'm making a new bet:
I'll buy all your belongings,
All your bad wares and good ones.
You will know Sadko now,
Sadko is very rich.
But Sadko's joy was not long.
Novgorod bazaar began buzzing
Merchants got more wares than they had had before.
One straw can't break a sheaf [of straws].
No matter how rich one man was
he can't overcome great Novgorod.
[When] I have no money I change ruble;
[when] I have no girl I walk alone.
Sadko didn't contain himseld and said an angry word:
It's too early to settle accounts.
I will make thirty ships,
all thirty embellished in deep red
I'll go overseas and make big profit
Then we'll see who will have the upper hand.
Little rock rolled down the hill, lover left without saying goodbye.
Sadko went overseas.
There he traded wares from Novgorod
and gained good profit.
He returns to great Novgorod
and thinks: now I will make fun [of others].
But then miraculous mircale happened.
Fast waves run across the sea
but ship stands still
as if some force is holding it.
Sadko, rich merchant, says:
We travel all over the sea but haven't paid fees to Sea King
Take this chest full of red gold and throw into blue see.
Perhaps, we'll pay off with this gold.
No. Sea King demands my head into blue see.
And Sea King says such words:
Sadko, the merchant, rich one,
You have acted contrary to conscience,
You have given me bad zither.
To these words Sadko answers:
Zither is not learned to play by itself.
Skillful hands are needed here.
And Sea King said


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